Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Are you ready for freeride?

Are you a confident skier and want new experiences and extremes? We offer to join the winter tour "Freeride in the Carpathians". This is a good opportunity to cut through the fluffy snow in the high mountains with an experienced instructor who knows the best places to do it. This is not a ski resort in the Carpathians, where all the trails are marked and traveled, it is absolutely wild slopes, where no ski has set foot yet. To choose the best time for freeride, follow the weather on the Rada Daraba Rafting Camp page, which has a webcam on Chornogora Ridge. As soon as fresh snow falls - go to ride! We can book accommodation in the Carpathians, food and hot tub in the evening, after an active day. You can also order a freeride guide from us, without accommodation. You can book a "Freeride in the Carpathians" tour on our website, on social networks and at the phone numbers listed on our website.