Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

New Year ski week cottage

Mykulychyn is the longest village in Ukraine. It stretches out in the valley of the Prut river up to 44 km.  Here you already feel yourself “in the mountains”. Wherever you throw a glance, from all sides the village is surrounded with mountains tops and isolated cottages got settled on even high slopes. Spruce forests approach close to the pasture grounds, “cut out” with wooden fences for farm haymaking...

Our farmstead is located at the village outskirts, near the central road. A grocery store is very close. Hospitable hosts live in the neighbourhood.

The farmstead has double and triple rooms with conveniences (toilet, shower) in the rooms.

A spacious dining room with a TV is at our disposal, where delicious food shall be waiting for us, and during spare time we will be able to play pantomime, domino and cards.


проживання в Карпатах проживання в Карпатах

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