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Karelia, Tumcha river

Kolsky half-island – Karelia. Rivers Tuntsayoki – Tumcha.

In the higher stream Tumcha is called Tuntsayoki (finish “river of the death”) and flows from the Finland. It is available for rafting from the border between Russia and Finland.

The river is typically Karelian: long river deeps, almost without stream change with local rapids with 3-4 category of difficulty (for canoes). The rapids are very interesting in the sport sense, but can be bypassed very easy. Water level in summer depends on the rains and can change totally. The marks of World War II often are found here: old tranches, dugouts, half-ruined long-term fire points and different rusty iron. The only  settlement on the route is Alakurti, but it is urban settlement.  The river falls in the Tumcha lake in the distance about 130 km from the beginning, that is included to the system of Iov reservoir. From its western edge the Iov river flows, but there is no any stream on it until HPS in Zarichensk.

Tumcha perhaps is second river by difficulty in the European North after Kutsayoki – the tributary of Tumcha.

On the 50-kilometers area from Alakurta there 30 (!) rapids, 10 of them are 3rd category of difficulty, 9 – 4th (category for canoes). All rapids are 3-4 category, local and can be bypassed very easy at the lack of training.

Total length of the route is 170 km. We can identified 3 areas: 1) border – Alakurti town – 75 km; 2) Alakurti – “Shlyapa” rapid (is included) – 50 km; 3) Iov reservoir – 45 km.

The first area indludes a lot of rifts and rapids-rifts, which are not harder than 2nd category of difficulty. There are very beautiful banks (bald peaks, tributary-waterfall). To save two-three days it can be skipped and you can begin from Alakurta, but, at first, stop and sleeping in the town are not recommended because of stealing by local citizens, and in second, passing of difficult rapids from the beginning is dangerous.

The second area is “sport” one. There are a lot of local rapids, divided by short calm deep places of river.

The third area is lake area. There are many islands and cut bank line. It is recommended to have a map (“North Karalia”).

Total time (if to count an excursions, bypassing and passing) – about 50 work hours (45-60, it depends on the group activity), it means 10 travel days plus 2 reserve days).

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