Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Skitour equipment rental

Skating equipment for skitour can be rented in the Carpathians in Daraba camp.
Currently, 9 pairs of ski boots are available in different sizes and systems: three pairs with a TLT mount, the remaining six with a classic ski mount.
There are also 5 pairs of skis with and diamir fastenings and camus ski bindings for them. The length of the skis is about 170 cm.

The cost of ski rental for a skitour

Scythian set: skis for skitour with Diamir fastening + camus + sticks - 250 UAH / day

Skitour shoes - 50 UAH / day

Downhill skiing + sticks + boots - 100 UAH / day

All equipment for rent in Daraba camping

Sizes of available shoes for skitour:

1. Scott - 255 мм
2. Garmont - 255 мм
3. Scarpa - 260 мм
4. Kastinger - 260 мм
5. Dynafit - 270 мм
6. Garmont - 275 мм
7. Tekhnica - 275 мм
8. Scarpa - 270-280 мм
9. Scarpa Laser - 290-300 мм

All equipment is located at: Rafting camp Rada Daraba, st. Ivan Franko, 1v, s. Krasnyk, Verkhovyna district, not far from Chornoghora Ridge.

лижі для скітуру в карпатах

взуття для скітуру

взуття для скітуру в карпатах

skitour rental

лижі для скітуру

лижі для скітуру з камусом

лижне спорядження для скітуру

скітурне спорядження напрокат

Skitour in Carpathians