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Clothes for rafting on Cheremosh (rides)

Rafting clothes


Certainly, wetsuit is the best choice for rafting. Especially, it is necessary in spring and cold summer. Wetsuit rentals

In spring or in rain you can rent additional raincoat

How to dress diving suit properly

wetsuit, rafting rafting equipment
Neoprene socks Neoprene socks can get wet but keep your foot warm and comfort. Neoprene socks rentals neoperene socks


Boots or sneakers one or two sizes up in order thick socks to fit on.

rafting shoes


Neoprene gloves save hands from frizzing and small scratches. You can use any other thin gloves.

Available for renting.

rafting gloves
Waterproof suit

Suit repels water and protects against splashes; considered as quite decent alternative to the wetsuit. It is recommended to wear it on light pants and polo neck. Waterproof pants and jacket - just for sale.

 waterproof jacket and pantswaterproof jacket and pants

ордана - спорядження для рафтингу

We recommend buying clothes for rafting manufactured by "Ordana" (Kyiv). It’s of high quality, wide range of articles, and reasonable price.