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Equipment for summer hiking tours (sport)

All equipment can be divided into personal clothes and stuff, general equipment and general provision. Our guide share general equipment and provision among all participants of the tour. Therefore, you should farsighted remain some extra space for general things. For instance, provision weight for 6-day trekking tour equals 5 kg/person, general equipment approximately weighs 3 kg. Total weight of your backpack should not exceed 18 – 19 kg (for females even less).

Packing rules:

  • sleeping bag and clothes should be safely water-proved;
  • in the lower part of your backpack put things not necessary while actually moving (sleeping bag, clothes for sleeping);
  • it is recommended to provide a brief access for raincoat, water flask, snack, knife, toilet paper;
  • take care of general things: make sure they are not crumpled or got wet. Also it is useful to know what of general provision is in your backpack.  

Clothing chechlist for summer trekking

Durable and reliable boots and raincoat should be chosen carefully.Carpathiam weather is very changable. Therefore, you'd better be ready for rains, wind, hot sun, fog, etc. At night temperature can fall to zero. Preparing clothing imagine you will travel within extremely moody territory. Do not forget extra set of socks and underwear.

 Trekking boots

  трекінгові черевики
Spare shoe (sandals)
  трекінгові сандалі
Socks Thick and thin. 2-3 pairs. шкарпетки у похід
Trousers Must protect from wind and push away water.
штани для походу в карпатах термоштани
Shorts Optionally.
щорти в похід
T-shirt Optionally. футболка карпати
гольф у похід
Warm sweater
Thick flis or woolen sweater товстий светр

Waterproof jacket or ponche.


wind stop jacket

Wind stop jacket with a hood. вітровка
Cap and gloves Optional.

Necessary things checklist for summer trekking in the Carpathians

Backpack 60-80 l. Can be rented. backpack
Sleeping bag

Comfort temperature - 0 degrees. Weight - two kilogram. It should be well insulated from water. Can be rented.

sleeping bag

Foam or inflatable pad for insulation from the ground. Can be rented.

sleeping pad
Eating set

Plate, spoon, cup. Set should be light and durable (plastics can be easily crashed).

spoon, plate, mug


 Waterproof pack

For warm things and sleeping bag. Can be replaced by simple plastic packs.

waterproof pack


The best choice is a head diodic flashlight, for instance, Petzl Tikka XP.

Flask, 2l

A common water flask (capacity - 2 l); can be made of ecological plastics.

Fist aid kit
Specific medications which you often use. The guide will have the common one. first aid kit
Small foam pad for sitting* For comfortable sitting on various surfaces.
small foam pad for sitting

Tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, towel, etc.

personal-care set
Documents In waterproof pack.
Sunglass* Optionally.


Trekking stick*

Trekking sticks help to unload your legs and keep balance.

trekking stick
Knife* A small jack-knife.
Lighter* Optionally.

* - not necessary but useful things




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