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The condition of the slopes in ski resorts of Ukraine

*дані з вебкамер курортів (фото оновлюється)



About a mountain ski resort Bukovel everything is more or less clear. Artificial snow is there practically all the time since the middle of December till the middle of April. There is a huge amount of the routes of different difficulty, there is the best developed infrastructure.

Web-cams in Bukovel

Detailed weather forecast for Bukovel (perhaps, is the same for all The Carpathians)

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The weather and the snow's condition on Dragobrat should be watched.  Usually, a constant snow lies there since the middle of January and keeps on till April. Obviously, it is the most snowy resort next to Bukovel, although the artificial snow is not made there. As the resort locates at the altitude over 1400 meters, much more snow than elsewhere can be expected there. Routes of different difficulties are situated on the slopes of mountains Stig and Blyznytsya. The beautiful view on the Chornogora spine opens from here.

Scheme of slopes on Dragobrat

Web-cams of Dragobrat

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Вебкамера на Драгобраті






In Slavske the artificial snow is only on the little parts of the routes, so, it required to watch for the weather forecast and slopes conditions. The main routes are cituated on the slopes of mountains Trostyan, Kremin, Pogar, Menchul. The most difficult and interesting routes are on Trostyan, the routes for beginners - on the mountain Kremin (routes "Politech" and "FMI"). There are snow cannons on the mountain Pogar.


Scheme of slopes of the mountain Trostyan

Web-cams of Slavs'ke

Reports  about the condition of slopes

web-cams of Slavs'ke, Trostyan




Podobovets' (Pylypets')

Pylypets' and Podobovets' are situated side by side, you can move free in skis between the routes of these ski resorts, so usually they are considered in complex. The most of routes are on the mount Gymba (1498 m), the longest one has 4 km of length. Also there are skiing on the mountains Zhyd Magura, Velyky Verh. The routes in Pylypets'-Podobovets' have different levels of difficulty: from the gentle slopes for beginners to difficult slopes for professional skiers. The snowing there is only natural. On the Borzhava the freeriders are skiing actively, there was first in Ukraine unofficial freeride competition.

Web-cams of Podobovets

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Вебкамера - крісельний витяг - гора Гимба - Пилипець






This ski resort is situated on the same name mount of the height 1036 m. The small number of routes on Krasia is offset by available prices and small congestion in comparison with popular Bukovel and Dragobrat. The longest ski route is 3,5 km of length. Besides main routes there is a possibility of off-route skiing. Partially there may be a artificial snowmaking, but it is better to look at the weather conditions.

Web-cam in Krasia

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Вебкамера у Красії





For the comparison of the routes and weather conditions on the Ukrainian and foreign ski resorts there are webcames from Gudauri (Georgia).

Webcams in Gudauri

Weather forecast in Gudauri

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