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Recreation in Slavske

Winter in Carpathians

Do you wish to visit mountains in winter? Rush by snowy slopes on ski, snowboard or sledge leaving behind the wind? But don't want to spend a lot of money for such an expensive resort as Bukovel for example?

There is an alternative. The Slavske town. It is a small resort with picturesque landscapes in the Lviv region (two hours by train form Lviv). 

It is in Slavske you can feel all the advantages of resort recreation without spending a lot of money for it. 

Around the town a few mountain peaks are available with different slopes: both for the beginners (as the mountain Lvivska Politehnika) and for the professionals, who feels confident in skiing (as the mountain Trostyan)

There are also some other mountains for those, who have already slided at least once but is not advanced much yet: Zakhar Berkut, FMI and others. 

Will focus on the first two. As I already mentioned, Lvivska Politehnika - is a mountain for the beginners, for those who have no experience with ski or snowboard; the mount has a slope around 1km long. It is gently enough, sometimes with more steep areas. There you can easy learn how to slide down. However, if it would be any difficulties, affordable instructor services are also there for you. The elevation to the top by means of rope tow, standing on skis and holding the handrails. It will take about 8-10 minutes. One lift costs around 5-6 uah. The maximum of lifts for a day will be 9 or 10. On the mountain there are also different kinds of shops selling hot drinks and snacks. So, if you are a beginner - you are welcome to the Lvivska Politehnika. 


If you are skiing far not for the first time, and you are bored with simple gentle slopes, then your place is on the Trostyan mountain. The mount has several slopes of different levels of comlexity, the longest one is about 2km long. All the slopes are rather steep, with some gentle areas to take a breath. You will get to the top of the mount by the chair lift. Elevation last for 25min, so you can enjoy the beauty of winter mountains at the time. When you slide down a mountain slope you'll lift back to the top by rope tow. During the day you will slide not more than 5 times. There you can also use instructors services, find plases to have a bite, to rest and for sure to make wonderful photoes against the background of beautiful scenery.

As for the accommodation, you can find one very easy.  Just go to the site http://www.karpaty-slav.com , where you can find a list of all private pensions, offering accommodation, and also is indicated the distance from one or another mountain and you can make a reservation for a number of rooms for a number of people by phone. The costs are rather cheap there - about 80 uah per day or 150 uah per day including nutrition. For the New Years holidays it would be more expensive, of course. Almost all the pensions have: kitchen, bathroom, satellite TV. The price ususally includes transfer from the railway station to the residence and the same on the way back home. The most of dwellings also have sauna, which you can use for some extra charge. 

How to get to the mountaims? There are two ways: walk on foot, if it is not far; or by car "bobik" for a fee about 40 uah. However, the disadvantage of the town is bad roads with large pits, getting to the mountain you'll feel strong shaking. For the same reason, using you own car would be a bad idea.

How to get to Slavske? By train. Any one in the direction to Uzhorod or from Uzhorod to Odessa, passes through Slavske and you can easy buy tickets at the box office on the station.

So, you visit a website, choose an accommodation nearby the mountain you'd like to ski, call the owner and voila - you are guaranteed unforgettable recreation. Come and you will never regret.