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Important nuances about ski trekking


  • Ski trekking requires good physical training and summer trekking experience with duration more than 4 days. If you doubt about you possibilities, you have excess weight, or little health problems, we urge to chose the alternative program with less rough conditions.
  • The participants all luggage care by themselves in backpack + everybody care 5-6 kg of total equipment and food. Don’t take any extra things. The tents are included in the tour value, so we take them for you. The spare tent in the mountains significant influences for the backpack weight and make the moving slower.
  • Every participant is obligated have everything according the list of necessary equipment and clothes. Consider this! The absence of necessary clothes and footwear will threat to your health and limit the possibilities of group. Ensure that your friends also responsibly prepare to the trip. The participants without necessary equipment are not allowed to the trekking.  If you have some questions, contact us – we will advise, help to buy or rent.
  • The things you rented (sleeping bag, mat, backpack) will be supplied till the tour begins and you will not have the opportunity to leave them at a start. So, if you don’t warn us about denial of equipment before a week to the tour – you have to pay its rent in full.
  • The sleeping in the trip is planned in the tents on the snow or in kolyba!! – take the attention, in this case it means not a cottage of green tourism, but a shed for flock-masters, the main function of which – is cover from wind. There is no beds, comforts in such kolyba, sometime there is no even stove. The tent is set in the kolyba.
  • As water in the ski trekking we use melted snow. After boiling we use water for drinking/ for food, not boiled we can use for the dishwashing and washing.
  • It is necessary to have with yourself the personal dishes (cup, plate, spoon). The most useful thing in the trekking is a thermos, desirable with a capacity 1 l, but it must be exclusively metallic.
  • It the case of snow absence the trekking will go on without skis. If snow will be only from above, you can pull skis through snowless areas. In the case of noticed changes the rout of trekking can be some corrected, with a purpose to set it to the speed of group moving.