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Instructors in rafting

A team, that provide rafting directly on the river consists of the leader, captains and steward.

The Leader is responsible for all, that are during the rafting. He provides the availability of necessary equipment, corrects the route and schedule of a day, conducts briefing from the safety, organizes games, excursions, coordinates tourist’s and captain’s activity, provide safety of the rafting.

It always reliable person, who took part in rafting on the rivers with the highest categories of complexity, has a necessary experience of organizational work.

Most of our leaders performed the category of candidate in master of sports and repeatedly became champions and winners of water tourism Championships and Ukrainian Cups. For example, leader of rafting on Dnister river (1st category of complexity) must:

  1. Have an experience of management on rafting 2nd category of complexity;
  2. Pass the physical test on the leader level;
  3. Pass lore test «Dnister – leader».

Captain is an instructor who manages the boat and active takes part in camp works (decomposition of tents, kitchen service etc.).

Though the captain’s work is less responsible, everyone who several times took part in rafting for the same route, passed the interview and passed the lore and physical test on the «captain» level  can become him.

Steward cares about food on rafting. As a rule it is a girl, which passed the study course about cooking in the field conditions, orients in menu and present products, knows basic rules about cooking food in the travel. Most of our girls has an experience in cooking of borsch, different soups,  porridge and salads for groups from 5 to 50 persons.

Number of instructors on rafting always accords to the number of boats. Sometimes our friends and palls help our instructors, they join to rafting as trainees or volunteers, so that’s why they don’t have a proper accomplishment.

Instructors of Turclub