Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Rent of individual equipmet for climbing (Alpinseminar in the Carpathians)

Carabiners //3 pcs. 150 UAH

Screw gate carabiners

Crampons // 110 UAH

Ct nuptse.

Prusik // 50 UAH

A new rope, 6 -8mm in diameter, 1 m long.

Ice axe // 100 UAH

Comparable with sovietic sample. With a long leash. 

Cow's tail // 90 UAH

 Daisy chain or rope 10 mm

Harness (seal) // 100 UAH

Analog of TravelExtrim

The whole set will cost 600 UAH. The price is calculated for 4 days (for participants of the Alpseminar in the Carpathians).