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Equipment rental for mountain climbing

Rent of the personal gear for mountain hikes

We offer a basic set of the basic quality at the lowest price. Clearly, the specialized modern equipment is lighter, more comfortable in use and more reliable. But the proposed equipment will allow you to climb safely with minimal costs.

If you are sure that you will go to similar tours in the future, you should purchase your own set of gear, or at least a part of it. If necessary, we can advice where and what to buy. (kamyanets@gmail.com)

Primarily recommend for buying: a system, crampons, carabiners, prusyk, ice axe (in descending order of priority).


The price of rent per tour. The entire set will cost 700 UAH.

Carabines / / 3 pcs - 150 UAH

Type the Soviet Yremel.  

Crampons / / 150 UAH

Modern, Ct nuptse model.

Prusyk / / 50 UAH

A new piece of rope with a diameter of 6-8 mm, length 1 m.

Ice axe/ / 150 UAH

The All, the Soviet model. With a long rod and strap.

Lanyard / / 100 UAH

Loop slings or bound with rope 10mm.

The system of safety (lower) / / 100 UAH

Type TravelExtrim.

Altogather: 700 UAH

If you need a set of alpinistic gear inform us not later than 20 days before the tour starts.
Participants who will not have these items will not be able to climb the highest peaks.

Please pay attention that you will have the opportunity to change the contents of the backpack at different stages, so for example, trekking shoes may differ from the shoes for climbing (unnecessary at this stage things you can leave in a bus).

Also be sure to take care of clothes for the tour, clothing for rafting (we have rentals) and other equipment.

We recommend to buy camping equipment at the store Azymut (discount for customers of Tourclub is 10%), and water equipment - in Ordana.