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Interesting facts about Ukraine

Traveling around Europe in the classic version is similar to: visiting museums, excursions around town with the ancient architecture, acquaintance with the national cuisine, evening strolls down the narrow and mysterious streets under the street lights. Whereas in Ukraine we offer the classic outdoor activities among the ancient architecture of mountains, with the Carpathian cuisine based on the great-grandmother recipes, and excursions to the narrowest and most mysterious cave streets under the crystals light.


ascending on Pip Ivan   Mountain Hutsul evenings at   Cheremosh rafting on Cheremosh

While rafting at the Cheremosh you will not only feel extreme, getting over rapids on the mountain river, master catamaran, raft or kayak, but will also get acquainted with the coloring of the Ukrainian Carpathians:

  • visit museums of Hutsul culture;
  • taste traditional Carpathian dishes, if lucky, you’ll catch the annual Festival of Hutsul brynza;
  • listen to the Carpathian legends and folk songs accompanied with the authentic instruments;
  • feel the hospitality of the hosts of the Hutsul farmstead, see the works of folk craftswomen;
  • find out about the story of White Elephant.


winter trekking in Carpathians

weekend in the Carpathians

summer trekking in the   Carpathians

Trekking in the Ukrainian Carpathians is a great way to have outdoor activities, regardless of the season. Summer trekkings down the well-trodden and untrodden routes in the Carpathians means keeping good shape during vacations and a chance to know more about peaks of Chornohora, Svydovets, Gorgany and others. And New Year in the Carpathians among the snowy peaks in a warm, welcoming Hutsul farmstead will give an unforgettable experience for inspiring beginning of the year.


fauna of the Dniester river

rafting on the Dniester

Dniester's nature

Rafting at the Dniester among the wonders of the Dniester canyon, the total length of which is up to 250 km, diversity of flora and fauna of the Dniester banks will give a desired rest and peace far from noisy towns.


crystal rocks in the riverbed the Southern Bug River extremal rafting on the   Southern Bug

The main water artery of the South of Ukraine is the South Bug, the longest river, totally running down the territory of Ukraine. Amazing landscapes of the South Bug banks impress even the hottest imagination with its power and beauty. Chimerical cliffs and outshots, formed by the day stone of the Ukrainian crystalline shield, the most ancient Ukrainian ground! - were formed during the Archaean. The waves either are foaming and raging on the granite rapids, or slowly lave the shores of the lowland floodplains. Therefore rafting at the South Bug changes from groovy, extreme fun to calm, slow rafting.


Rafting at the Dniester includes numerous excursions to the places of interest of Ternopil region: castles, fortresses, waterfalls, grottos and caves. Note that Ternopil region has one third of all survived castles of Ukraine. Foundation history of Ternopil, legends and interesting facts of an ancient town of Halychyna, where the part of tours down the Dniester starts, will surprise with mystery and unusualness.



Verteba cave

excursion in the Verteba Cave

Caves are called the eighth wonder of the world, their labyrinths keep numerous legends, and speleologists are tired of searching new extensions, routes, passageways in the underground kingdom of darkness. Caves of Podillya have always been filled with mysteries and legends. Every cave has a unique story – open it:

  • wonderfull crystals and architectural wonders of Mlynky cave;
  • discovering items of Trypillya culture in Verteba cave before introducing the term "Trypillya" by scientists;
  • Optymistychna cave can be found on pages of the Guiness Book of Records as the longest gipsum cave in the world;
  • flocks of big bats in Uhrynska cave;
  • legend of Krystalichna cave during the Mongol-Tatar invasions;
  • other caves of Podillya.

Everyone arranges rest due to own taste. Rest in Ukraine will satisfy any taste.
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Rafting on the Dniester

Rafting on the Cheremosh

Rada Daraba camp in the Carpathians

Summer hiking to Pip Ivan

Climbing to Kazbek