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Uhryn Cave

Since the XX century Uhryn Cave has been equipped for excursions (trenches). In 1962 the complex karst expedition led by Dublyanskyi started a topographical mapping of Uhryn cave.
1966 – Kyiv’s speleological section led by V. Y. Rogozhnikov, carried out a complete topographical mapping of Uhryn cave (total length is 2120 m.).
On 19-20 of May, 1973, a group of Ternopil speleologists (Zimels Y. L., Nemyrovskyi E. A., Fedorov S. I.) performed topographical mapping of the Near and Northern part of the cave, as the maps of Rogozhnikov and Dublyansky turned out to be inaccurate.  The Northern area rich in crystals (of white and pink colors) was discovered, despite the instructions of V. N. Dublyansky and B. M. Smolnikov in the book “Karstologic-geographical study on karst cavities of Transdniester Podillya and Pokuttya” that "gypsum crystals in Uhryn cave were not found at all…"