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Traveling in the direction of the source of the Prut, you will then stop in the ancient village of Tatariv, which used to be called "Kremintsy" from 1948 till 1992. The village is situated at a height of 750 m above sea level and at a distance of 27 km from Yaremche. The first writing mention of Tatariv refers to the latter half of the 17th century. It was a record in the birth certificate of a resident of Tatariv dated January the 20th, 1676. The document is being kept in the ancient archives.

Accordingly to the latest population census, over 1500 people reside in the village, and the total area of the lands belonging to the village council equals to 8285 ha.

Long since, Tatariv has been known as a low-mountain climatic health resort. Everyone, who ever had a rest here, could feel a wonder-working healing power of the unique microclimate of the Tatariv canyon. From the end of the 19th till the beginning of the 20th centuries, this health resort used to be very popular among the Europeans. Tourists usually start their walking tours to the mountains of Khomyak and Synyak from this point. The local people like to retell the legend about the origin of the name of the village. Once, at the time of Tatar invasions, the village dwellers blocked the intruders' way with the cut fir-trees and killed the horsemen with stones. But one Tatar woman, who led the advanced guard, survived. She stepped into a Hutsul house to slake her thirst. A mistress said that there were no water and proposed her to drink some milk. When the woman bent over a tub, the mistress pushed her there. Thus, the Tatar foe drowned in milk.

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