Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Kurylo Volodymyr Orestovych

Personal information

Date of birth: 02.12.65
Location: Ternopil
Education: Higher Technical, Ternopil Branch of Lviv Polytechnic Institute
Marital status: Married, two children

The first hike

August 1987, the Carpathians

Professional activity

Instructor on water routes since 2009.
A chef in the journey since 2010.

Travel geography

Ukraine, Carpathians

Types of tourism are the most difficult hikes

Water tourism - n / a, participant.
Hiking - n / a, participant.
Speleotourism - n / a, participant.

Rafting on the Dniester

Rafting on the Cheremosh

Rada Daraba camp in the Carpathians

Summer hiking to Pip Ivan

Climbing to Kazbek