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Rybakov Oleksandr Volodymyrovych

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Rybakov Alexander Vladimirovich "Kamyanets"

Personal information

Date of birth: 23.11.1982
Location: Ternopil
Education: Higher, Ternopil Academy of National Economy
Marital status: Married and raising two daughters



The first hike

August 1995, Carpathian Mountains

Sports and tourism achievements

Candidate for Master of Sports in Sport Tourism (Water Tourism)

Participation in competitions

Water tourism

And place in the catamaran-four class at the Ukrainian Water Tourism Engineering Championship "Cheremosh - 2007".
Repeated participant of the Cups and Championships of Ukraine on water tourism at the Candle - Mizunka, Fri. Boogie and Cheremosh.


І - ІІІ places at the Championships of Mountaineering and Climbing Federation of Chernivtsi region in 2000 - 2001.


The participant of the Supermarathon "100 km in 24", the result - 13 years

Professional activity

Instructor on water routes since 2003.
Instructor for hiking and skiing since 2005.
Instructor at Mlynki Cave since 2002.
Instructor on new or unconventional routes since 2005.
Large group instructor since 2005.

Travel geography

Mountains: Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Georgia, Russia (Caucasus, Altai), Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Turkey

Years: Ukraine, Georgia, Russia (Karelia, Altai), Turkey

Led: Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Kazakhstan

Caves: Pancakes, Acrylic, Optimistic, Lake, Cinderella

Types of tourism are the most difficult hikes

Cycling - V cc, participant // III cc, leader.
Water tourism - IV c., Participant // II c., Manager.
Mountain tourism - II c c., Participant / / II c., Manager.
Ski tourism - III c., Head.
Hiking - I Ph.D., Head.
Speleotourism - n / a, manager.


Chairman of the Bicycle Commission of Ternopil Regional Federation of Sports Tourism of Ukraine.
Member of Ternopil Oblast Routine Qualification Commission.
Mountaineer of Ukraine icon.
First Aid Courses.


Rafting on the Dniester

Rafting on the Cheremosh

Rada Daraba camp in the Carpathians

Summer hiking to Pip Ivan

Climbing to Kazbek