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Tour to Georgia: Kazbek + trekking

Price: 450 $
Duration: 10 days
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Tour to Georgia: Kazbek + trekking

Tour to Georgia which combines trekking by plain mountains by easy routs and climbing to covered by glacier giant - Kazbek (5033 m), which attracts alpinists of different level as well as beginners. Mountains are various, some places are very popular between tourists, but on other trails you can't meet a single soul. The tour is supplimented by the excurtion to Mtsheti - an ancient capital, fortress Anauri, watchtowers and the church Tsminda Sameba of XIV century. Picturesque mountain massifs, original georgian cousine and interesting places - all this just for 10 days.  
Number of participants - 5-6 people.
We have already made more than ten successful climbs to Kazbek. If you have additional questions - you can directly ask our instructor - Alexander.

To participate good physical shape and experience are demanded:
1) experience of trekking in the Carpathians (for several days, with backpacks and tents)
2) preferably, experience of winter climbing to Goverla, Pertos, etc. 

All the participants are recommended to take part in Alpinistic Seminar in the Carpathians

All tours to Georgia FAQ

Cost of the tour - 420 $ 

Include in the price
  • instructor’s work
  • rental of common equipment for climbing of Kazbek
  • food during the trekking (nutrition in urban areas (cafes, restaurants, shops) self-reliant)

  • internal moving in Georgia

  • accommodation in tents

Price not includes
  • 2 way flights to Tbilisi

  • food in urban areas (cafes, restaurants, shops)

  • rantal of alp-equipment

  • gesthouses

  • incurance

  • entrance tickets to museums
  • staying on the territory of the canyon Okatse

  •  Tiflis baths (total) - 3 GEL/hour

Day 1

  • meeting in the Tbilisi Airport in the morning
  • moving to the Kazbek area for training trekking near the mount Chaukhi
  • changing of currency, visiting the khinkali house (in the menu: khinkali, lobiani, khachapuri and other Georgian goodies)
  • till the dinner we will come to Mzheta, the ancient capital of Georgia, where we will see several ancient ascetic Georgia churches. Near the famous Patriarch cathedral Svertizhoveli the souvenir market is situated, but the church yard is more modest, the nuns trade by aromatic oils of their own production. The lovers of gastronomic pleasures will check out local café “Kirpich”, which became our real finding. It is located among the colorful garages near the ruins of brick plant. Several storey verandas are tight-laced by grapes and figs, and local citizens celebrate some events or just have dinner in the neighboring halls.
  • after nutritious dinner we slumber and soon we stop at the walls of the fortress Ananuri (XVII century) on the banks of Zhinvalsky reservoir, which defended exit from Darialsk gorge. Next we rise (in the microbus) on the Khrestovyj pass, near there we will see hoists of ski resort Gudauri. Near the finish we will stop in the Sno village – for the seeing of one of defend fortress that retain from 16-17 century, they were used for the notification of citizens about enemies attacks and covering of peaceful citizens. 
  • encamping next to the settlement of Dzhuta  (over 2200 meters height). Here we will left our bus for two days, so it is better attentivily choose your trekking things.
  • supper, sleep.

Day 2

  • breakfast
  • crossing the village Dzhuta by the lawn at the foot of the mount North Chaukhi (ascent 1000 meters, 4-5 hours)
    The path passes the grassy slopes with tiny brooks and the majestic rocky Chaukhi in front all over the way.
  • lunch break, encamping at the height of 3200 m
  • acclimatization radial trekking to the slopes of North Chaukhi and Roshka  
    There are screes, stone areas and sharp rock edges on the slopes
  • dinner and sleep

Day 3

  • breakfast
  • passage: Link: descent into the valley Roshka - ascent to the pass Sadzele - descent into the river valley to the village Dzhuta (elevation -900, +700, -800 m)
  • there is a small rise from the camp and then a rapid descent on screes. There are impressive views of the Roshka river valley studded with stones from the pass. The traces of ancient glacier are visible and a small glacier is still remained beneath the slope of Chaukhi. There are several glacial lakes in the valley. The water in them is very clean and looks like a blue. But there are shreds of algae and silt on the bottom, that not promote the swimming. But the photos of these lakse are very original.
  • lunch break on the route
  • we go up by serpantin path on the Sadzele pass (3056 m). The incoherent descent goes near the Russian border, so the benevolent Georgian border guards will greet us (the passport is needed). We come down to the height of 2300 m and sleep near the village.
  • encamping, dinner, sleep

Day 4

  • breakfast
  • moving to the Stepanzminda (1750 m). We choose the things we need for the climbing on Kazbek and rise under the glacier. On the road we will look on the church of Tsminda Sameba (Holy Trinity Church) XIV c. This temple is located on the height of 2300 m. We can see the great views on the Kazbek, massif Chaukhi and settlement Kazbegi
  • lunch break on the route
  • encamping on the clearing above the river at the height of 3000 m. So during this day we will soar about 1250 m with bags hard enough (18-25 kg)
  • supper, sleep

Day 5

  • breakfast
  • passing through the Gergeti gracier (in crampoons) and rising to the Meteorological station (3650 m), review of original building, registration in the resquers.
  • dinner
  • passing by the stone trail to the "Crosses" stop. It is on the height about 200 m above the Meteorological station. We break the camp, consolidate the tents, build the wall. The height of stop is 3850 m.
  • supper, sleep

Day 6

  • acclimatization
  • breakfast
  • training with alpinist equipment relations in bundles: the ascent and descent on the steep ice slope, insurance, breakdowns, work with ice drills, ice axes, carbines etc.
  • lunch break
  • acclimatization trip to the chapel Betlemi
  • preparation for climbing, selection, packing the equipment
  • dinner, sleep

Day 7

  • climbing of Kazbek (5033 m)
  • 1:30 - 2:00 AM wake up, following the route in case of a good weather
  • duration of climbing is 15-20 hours
  • rising the height is about 1100 m
  • the route is divided into three parts. Part One: rocks, screes, acclivity. Part Two: closed glacier, moving in bundles (+ ice axes and crampons). There is an acclivity at first and then a rapid rise to the brattice. Part three: there is a rapid icy rise from brattice to the peak. The alpinist equipment is necessary for descend. There are ice drills, ropes, ice axes, carabiners, crampons etc.
    Return the same way.
  • dinner, sleep

Day 8

  • alternate day - in case of a bad weather condition for climbing of the 6th day

Day 9

  • breakfast
  • decamping
  • descent from the weather station to the Tsminda Sameba, 3-4 hours
  • repackaging, lunch break with local products in the settlement Kazbegi (ice cream, lawash, khachapuri)
  • moving to Tbilisi, 4-5 hours. The route passes the Georgian Military Highway via Cross Pass (2379 m). This pass was named "Cross" after making the sign of the cross for the pass in 1824. Pushkin and Lermontov have written about it. There is a famous ski resort Gudauri under the pass. There are souvenir shops along the road, where you can buy delicious churchkhela, knitted or lamb hat and socks.
  • Tbilisi. Visiting of the Tiflis hydrogen sulfide baths built on the natural hot sulfurous springs in the center of Tbilisi. The architecture of these buildings is incredible. They look similar to the buried giant pots, but the main impression comes after the immersion in hot hydrosulfide pool. Body and soul have a rest here.
  • walk the evening Tbilisi. There is an Old Town in the center of Tbilisi. There are narrow streets, 2-3 storey houses with galleries and wooden balconies. There is also a modern glass bridge across the river and square with dancing fountains not far from the Old Town.
  • optional dinner at a Georgian restaurant or cafe
  • leave the city, sleep in tents or stay in city and sleep in hostel (15 lari = 100 uah)

Day 10

  • breakfast
  • move to the Tbilisi Airport
  • take-off home

Clothes and boots:
  1. Shorts
  2. Water- and windproof gloves/mitten covers (Rent)
  3. Bandana/buff
  4. Sneakers
  5. Jacket
  6. Underwear
  7. Summer trekking shoes
  8. Sweater (Rent)
  9. Warm sweater (Rent)
  10. Warm gloves (Rent)
  1. Trekking poles
  2. Knife
  3. Gaiters (Rent)
  4. Backpack main (Rent)
  5. Sleeping set (sleeping bag+sleeping pad) (Rent)
  6. Personal alpine equipment for alpine course (Rent)
  7. Thermos
  8. Lighter
  1. Hygiene products: toothbrush, paste, towel
  2. Hygienic lipstick
  3. Personal first-aid kit
  4. Passport
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