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Optimistychna, Mlynky, Uhryn - 3 day

Price: 89 $
Duration: 3 days
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Optimistychna, Mlynky, Uhryn - 3 day

Cave Mlynky - sport, dynamic, interesting for its deep-cracks and narrow holes, it will need good endurance and physical strength. Cave Uhryn - the smallest and narrowest - will check your figures elegance. Cave Optymistychna - as the world longest gypsum cave - has not only the largest halls and galleries, but also crystals and stalactites and many man-made sculptures.

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Include in the price
  • guide service

  • head flashlight and overall rental

  • accommodation in Speleohouse

  • catering according to the tour program (accept the dinner of the 3rd day)

  • transfer according to the tour program

Price not includes
Day 1

  • transfer to Mlynky Cave

  • breakfast

  • 3-hour guided trip into the Northern Portion of Mlynky Cave; the route "To the north" belongs to the 1st level of complexity: you will get acquainted with movement technique in a cave; learn how to distinguish galleries from halls; see crystals and bladed gypsum; pass one of the narrowest places in the cave, that's passage "Devil's Throat"

  • lunch

  • 3-hour guided trip into the Eastern Portion of Mlynky Cavethe route "Eastern circle" belongs to the 2nd level of complexity: this trip includes some more tricky elements, namely passage "Ushba" and descent to "Sole". You will enjoy fantastic crystals, spacious halls "Torpedo", "Elephant", and one named for famous caver Norbert Casteret

  • dinner

  • overnight in Speleohouse

Day 2

  • breakfast

  • 3-hour guided trip into the Western Portion of Mlynky Cavethe route "To the west" belongs to the 3rd level of complexity: the most noteworthy object of this route is, undoubtedly, the hall "Fairy-tale", where you will be fascinated by extremely picturesque clusters of stalactites and stalagmites. Besides, you see the stone "Obelisk" and visit the hall discovered by Belorussian cavers named "Brest".

  • lunch

  • 3-hour trip into the labyrinth of Uhryn' Cave: the cave is located nearby Mlynky Cave; it begins with a karst funnel branching out with a net of entrance halls. Further the cave is stretched into one long passage forming a circle and returning to the entrance halls. Here you can find multitude of intricate places to overcome which you should concentrate all your motion coordination: narrow horizontal cracks, kind of "press", tangled labyrinths of several tiers, boulders and stone blocks. After this route you'll feel yourself real clay covered caver.

  • dinner

  • overnight in the Speleohouse

Day 3

  • breakfast

  • transfer to the cave Optimistic

  • Optimistic Cave trip: District Camp Cyclops (Averbah) (approx. 5 hours) 

  • lunch-snack underground

  • optionaly: return to Chortkiv or Ternopil till 7-9:00 p.m.

  • free time

  • going home. How to get home?

Clothes and boots:
  1. Caving shoes
  2. Slippers for the house
  3. Gloves
  4. Bandana/buff
  5. Caving underwear
  1. Sleeping bag with an inset rental (Rent)
  2. Knee protection
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