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Endurance test: Gorgany

Price: 75 $
Duration: 4 days
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Endurance test: Gorgany

Ski tour to Gorgany - is the most classic route, it is the beginning of ski tours. He had remembered by stunning slopes to the river valley Zubrivka, evenings at the cottages on the pass Stoly, a steep rise to the mountain Dovha and gentle slopes to authentic hutsul village Bistrica. If you are lucky, you can move down by hutsul sled, which carry hay from the meadows in the winter. You can see ski resort Bukovel from mountain range Dovha.The tour ends in Bystrica with hot bath and eating varenyky in sour cream.

Physical training and tour difficulty

The cost is calculated for a group from 8 persons.

Ski trip in the Carpathian Mountains requires a good condition, willpower, endurance, mutual support, and teamwork. However, energy expenditure will be overcompensated by a spiritual satisfaction from the contemplation of beautiful landscapes, communication with new friends and overflow of bright impressions...
This ski tour is specifically for those who are not afraid of winter in the mountains and eager to master the backcountry skiing skills.

Important nuances about ski trekking

Include in the price
  • guide service

  • general equipment

  • catering according to the tour programme

Price not includes
Day 1

  • meeting at the railway station in Yaremche. How to get to the tour?
  • preparation for the trip, safety briefing
  • ski route: Yaremche  – Pereslop Pass – Zubrivka River, 16 km
  • snack
  • encamping
  • dinner, overnight in a mountain hut (kolyba)

Day 2

  • breakfast, camp breaking
  • ski route: Zubrivka River – Stoly Pass, 14 km
  • snack
  • encamping
  • dinner, overnight in a tourist shelter

Day 3

  • breakfast, camp breaking
  • ski route: Stoly Pass – Ploska-Dovha Range, 10 km (in case of difficult weather conditions the route will be Stoly Pass – Dovzhynets River)
  • snack
  • encamping
  • dinner, overnight in a mountain hut (kolyba)

Day 4

  • breakfast, camp breaking
  • ski route: Ploska-Dovha Range Bystrytsya Village, 10 km
  • dinner in a café (not included in tour value)
  • sauna
  • transfer by public transport to Ivano-Frankivsk. How to get  home?

Clothes and boots:
  1. Water- and windproof gloves/mitten covers (Rent)
  1. Sleeping set (sleeping bag+sleeping pad) (Rent)
  2. Backpack main (Rent)
  3. Ski poles (Rent)
  4. Gaiters (Rent)
Freeride: how it is look like

We get as close as possible to the snow, go out into the skiing area, make a few descents on steep interesting slopes, return to camping.

What is the duration of the active part

The duration of the active part of the ski tours is determined by daylight. As a rule, breakfast at 7-8 am, immediately after it - going on the route, returning to base with the sunset. Everyone must have a headlamp (shit happens). The distance depends on the condition of the snow and the complexity of the routes: from 10 to 20 km.

Can the tour program change?

The program of the tour is indicative, as it strongly depends on the preparation and weather. Also, directly the line of ascent and descent is determined by the guide in the process of movement.

What to do in bad weather?

Skiing directly depends on the weather and the presence of snow. In bad weather (strong wind, snowfall), we usually do not climb high routes, and change them to simple, in the forest area. In exceptional cases, we stay at home altogether. The cost of the tour does not decrease due to weather changes.

What training is required to participate in a freeride tour?

Freeride tour routes are quite difficult. Their safe conduct requires some physical and technical training. A skier must: - be able to confidently overcome steep unprepared slopes in different snow conditions, - have appropriate clothing and equipment, fit, in good condition, - be familiar with the basics of avalanche safety, have an avalanche set (can be rented). The guide may not allow participants who do not meet these criteria. If in doubt, it is best to consult an instructor in advance by phone.

Skitour: how it is looks like

Skitour is a ski trip, usually on snowy trails or roads. The descents are not very steep. Sometimes skis need to be carried if there is not enough snow or the descent / ascent is too steep / difficult.

What training is required to participate in a skitour

The participant must be in good physical shape, be able to ski well on the prepared slopes, as well as be prepared for falls, especially in the beginning. It is also necessary to have appropriate winter clothes for skitour, serviceable equipment and shoes (a set of skis for skitour can be rented from us). The guide may not allow participants who do not meet these criteria. If in doubt - it is better to consult with an instructor in advance by phone.