Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Харчування у лижному поході

Nutrition in the winter trekking is somewhat limited in  weight (you must carry food in your backpack) and in diversity (fresh vegetables freeze in the cold). Schedule meals put-up optimally to the needs of the body:

- The day we start with a hearty breakfast - a porridge with meat or with dried fruit and condensed milk;

- Before leaving each participant takes a fist of dried fruits and nuts, sucking candies;

- Hours in 11-12 first salty snack - we halt hour, drink tea from flasks, eat bread / crackers, sausage, bacon, cheese, everything is deliciously poured with sauce and of course onion and garlic;

- In 15-16 hours the second sweet snack - kazinaki, toffee, chocolate

- Up to 18-19 hours we make dinner on the fire – as usual it is some kind of soup.

For cooking we use grains, dried vegetables and canned corned beef.