Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Nutrition in residence

Dining at the farmstead features a welcoming cosiness.

Food here is prepared under family recipes, using mostly cottage cheese, milk, egg, sometimes even bread.

If a clear menu is ordered in advance, then the atmosphere of an authentic flavour shall be lost. Therefore, usually, we rely upon the taste of the hostess.

рафтинг на Черемоші сходження в Карпатах тур вихідного дня

It should be noted, that farmstead accommodation programs feature an active day, including climbing the mountains and rafting. Accordingly, the owners can treat their guests only in the morning and evening.  Lunch is snacklike.

Here is one of our menus in one of the tours.

1 day

breakfast in recidense

  • dumplings with cottage cheese and poppy seeds
  • herbal tea
  • apple pie


  • sandwiches with cheese and sausage

  • candies, halva (Eastern paste of nuts, sugar and oil), nuts-and-honey bars

  • tea


  • red borsch with donuts and garlic

  • banush (porridge from corn flour with sour cream) with mushrooms and brynza (sheep cottage cheese)

  • compote

  • home made biscuits

2 day


  • cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream and bilberry jam
  • donuts with cherry jam
  • cacao


  • sandwiches with sardines and bow
  • candies, halva, nuts-and-honey bars
  • tea


  • green borsch with sour cream
  • buckwheat porridge with meat gravy
  • tea
  • honey cake

Alcohol is forbidden!