Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Dniester rafting equipment checklist

Clothing for rafting

  • shorts/thin trousers (when gets extremely hot they will protect you from sun burning)

  • sleeveless shirt /T-shirt/thin shirt with long sleeves/pareo (when gets extremely hot they will protect you from sun burning)

  • heel strap sandals (it is necessary to make several steps in the water while mooring and unmooring, therefore your shoes should be well-fastened and not get soaked)

  • baseball cap/panama (better with brims, in baseball cap ears can get burnt)

  • swim suit/swimming trunks

  • wind breaker

  • sunglasses

  • sun-protection cream

  • polyethylene raincoat (is available for purchasing while rafting; about necessity, please, inform in advance)

NB This set can be totally wet (because of splashes from the neighbour’s oar or rain or “wet” plays). However, that doesn’t mean that you should take 5 sleeveless shirts. It is recommended to wear the same things for rafting, and simply have some extra set for camp usage.

Clothing for camp

  • sportswear for camp and evening strolls

  • jacket and sweater (in case of getting cold)

  • comfortable and warm clothes for sleeping

  • trainers and socks

  • underwear

Personal equipment

  • sleeping set (sleeping bag + sleeping pad), sleeping bag temperature rating is comfort (0 - +5); you can also rent sleeping bags Sportland or analogue; a clean insert for sleeping bag is added; sleeping pad is required for overnight in tent (can be also rented)

  • personal-care set: tooth brush, toothpaste, towel

  • eating set: metal or plastic (to avoid crash) plate, spoon, and cup; it is not recommended to take 10 sets of disposable tableware since it threatens a large-scale pollution

  • travel bag/backpack (during rafting all things are located on the deck of catamaran/raft, therefore backpack is not necessary)

  • garbage bags (for waterproofing): those things which should remain dry pack into garbage bag, knot it and put into a travel bag or backpack; it is better not to put travel bag or backpack in a garbage bag, since it can be easily torn while transporting

  • flash light (you can rent)

  • foam sitting pad (you can rent), a small pad with belt fastener allows to sit wherever and whenever you like

  • photo or video camera, mobile phone (you can take pictures previously having provided a waterproofing and bound camera to the vessel);  80 % of route is covered by the mobile operator Kyivstar (other operators only sporadically)

NB Please, inform about intention to rent some equipment in advance.