Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Equipment for rafting: boats

For rafting we use modern catamarans and rafts of  domestic manufacturing.

Catamarans represent two long cylinders connected be metallic frame. Cylinders are produced from the polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Such catamaran weighs 30-40 kg, depending on the length (number of seats) and strength of materials.

Now on the rafting of Tourclub we use two six-seat catamarans, four eight-seat and two ten-seat catamarans.

Rafts is a boat, which come to Ukraine in 1990’s, and it looks like usual rubber boat, but it is more bigger and stronger than it’s fishing brother. Rafts don’t have a frame and keep their form by pressure in cylinders, which are also produced from the PVC. We use six-seat and eight-seat rafts. Such boats are convenient for rafting  on mountain rivers with rapids, it’s comfortable to sit on them, and it is easy to compose and transport them.

Often there are holes in the raft’s bottom for the self-bailing of water, which leaks in a boat over the board during passing of rapids.

Among tourists argues about better means of rafting don’t stop: somebody likes rafts more, somebody likes catamarans. In general we can note that raft is more tossing on the shafts (like on roller coaster), and catamaran better cuts into the wave (that’s why those who sit in the front are always wet).

From the sports point catamarans allow to project more fast and controlled on the stream models.

Water tourism Championships of Ukraine traditionally are on the catamarans. In 2009 the official Ukrainian Cup on the rafts was in first on South Bug river.

  1. On catamarans people sit on the cylinders (on the seats made from the foam plastic), and the luggage are put on the frame between cylinders.
  2. On the raft luggage traditionally are put in the prow and people sit on the cylinders on the sides.

All boats are managing by captain, who sits in the stern. Rest of team (sailors) give the temp and provide the speed of boat.