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Спорядження для кінних походів


The usual travelling cloth is good, if it makes sitting in the saddle comfortable, and also allows passing through the bushes and moors (puddles). All elements must be good attach and don’t fall down during the moving (panamas, glasses, wraps). Clothes and equipment must not make a sound as like swish or other. For example, polyethylen raincoat is not good.

  1. Boots. They must be well-fitting. It is better when they are fixing the shank.
  2. Pants. It is better if they are not totally synthetical.  The jeans or military pants are good for it. They must not restrain your moves (to put your leg on the horse). They must be well-fitting and don’t fall down.
  3. T-shirt.
  4. Flimsy sweater with a long arm (shirt). It will protect against the sun and bushes.
  5. If bad weather are expected (+10+15 degrees in the night) it is better to have a warm sweater.
  6. Blazer or another protect on your head against the sun. One that will not fall down.
  7. Raincoat. One that don’t rustle.
  8. Gloves. Any thin gloves are good. They will keep your hands clean and protect against the rope rubbing.
  9. Swimming trunks or swimming suit.


The main part of equipment is transported in the separate transport (by car or by horse-drawn cart), so there are not special restrictions about weight. But, the most necessary things you must have with you in your backpack. Also it is better to predict that during all day we will not have an access to our things that we left for the transporting by car or horse-drawn cart.

  1. Sleeping bag and mat. You can rent it in us.
  2. Dish, spoon, cup.
  3. Flashlight,
  4. Toiletry + toilet paper.
  5. Small backpack (10-20l) for the most necessary thing (chow, water, raincoat, camera), that will be with us during all day. It is better if it’s with a waist belt, than your backpack dangles less.
  6. Sunglasses.
  7. Insect repellent.
  8. Sunscreen.
  9. Bottle of water (0,5l)

During the day we will make a stop for the bathing and for rest. Maybe you will want to lie down, so it is better to have a small mat or something like that.

Remember, that it is harder to ride with a big backpack, so take with you only the most necessary things.