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How we prepare vats for visitors

Carpathian vat - the best option to relax if you come on vacation in the Carpathians, because it is not only pleasant but also useful. It helps relieve stress, both physical and emotional. And the addition of essential oils or aromatic herbs to the water adds a calming and enjoying effect to the soaring process in the tub.

We are very careful to prepare the vat before each order

We do not allow different groups of people to steam in the same water in the tub, as this is unhygienic and can have a bad effect on health. Therefore, after each visitor, we drain the waste water, clean the vat from dirt and debris, removing various organic residues that may have remained from previous participants in the procedure, on all wooden and metal surfaces.
Be sure to disinfect the vat with brushes with chlorine solution and rinse it well under running water.
When all the procedures for cleaning the vat have been completed, we fill it with pure spring water, add a few drops of essential oil, and light a fire under the vat. It takes at least 3-4 hours for the vat to heat up to the required temperature. Comfortable water temperature in the Carpathian vat from 39 to 45 degrees. In addition to the vat, you can add fragrant herbs or a few coniferous twigs.

In order for the vat to have a hardening effect, we suggest filling the smaller vat with cold water so that you can take contrast baths. This has a very positive effect on the condition of blood vessels and skin.
But be careful, if you have contraindications to stay in hot water, it is better to refrain from the tub.