Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

For those who is the first time in rafting

So you’re going to rafting.

You read the program, realized, that you will sleep in the tent, there will no be any sockets, nor the shower, but the sun will shine and it will rain. At home you must attentive list all pages connected with your rafting, and take note of:

  • Place and time of meeting (in 1-2 days before the rafting you will receive the phone number of instructor who will meet the group);
  • The value of travel and included in it elements (driveway to the place of meeting doesn’t comprise in the value of tour);
  • Availability and preparing the necessary equipment according the list. Pay the particular attention on the sun and rain protection. Sleeping bag and hat you can rent in us (to inform early in the application). Raincoat, as a rule, you can by in a captain of the boat.
  • If you take your friends with you – ensure that they  fully informed about rafting as well and ready to overcome all difficulty with such enthusiasm as you:
  • If you don’t assume the products from the suggested menu, so stock up with substitutes.


Before meeting with a group you should to eat in the train and be ready calmly reach the place of rafting  start, where the breakfast will wait for you. As a rule, removal including the excursions take not more than 2 hours. If you go to 5-7 days rafting (from Ternopil), the light breakfast will wait for you in the fortress in Pidzamochok (after 1,5 hour), and after 3 hours more you can have dinner near the river.

During the road it is possible to view the memorials of architecture (churches, castles, fortresses).

Unfortunately there are not professional guides-historians among our instructors, so forget about deep and exhaustive excursion, but about main dates, events, legends they necessarily tell you.

After arrival ensure that all you luggage with you an you didn’t forget anything in the bus.

Now you need to dress the cloth for rafting, get things, which you need during the rafting (sun cream, camera, dishes for dinner), rest of things you need to pressurize and prepare for loading on the boat.

During rafting:

  • Absolutely follow the rules of safety, of which you will informed. Most of it offenders were punished by the fate. Take care of your health and peace of friends.
  • On the catamaran fix your things reliably, especially small things. River swallowed many cameras, cell phones, sun glasses, blazers etc;
  • In Safety: don’t sail from the boat down on the stream;
  • Don’t walk barefoot, because there many glasses, spines and sharp stones on the ground;
  • Don’t swim alone;
  • Everyday directly on the catamaran you will spend from 3 to 5 hours sculling. Rest of time is dedicated to excursions, meetings and establishing of camp, food, swimming etc.;
  • If there is no toilet in the camp, feces must be dug in the ground (spatula is in general equipment);
  • If there is no any source – we wash our dishes in the river and rinse in by water from canister;
  • Don’t get in the catamaran if it stands on the riverbank (even partly). Take care about it integrity.