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Our first horse trek


Last weekend I participated in a horse riding campaign, which organized a "Tourclub". The group consisted of four, for a start, we met with an instructor who undertook training in horsemanship. To drive we had three horses, two others were pulling cart with our things, and we accompanied the baby horse Yurchik.

Travel began with a village Petryky. The first day we went to the village Butsnev, passing by the old bridge, which was once the conventional boundary between the villages and Butsnev Island. In the village of Ostriv we visited the source of the chapel, having made a small radial route, came back to the village Butsnev where tents spread out on the bed.

The next day we are more used to the horses, they were at ease. The route travels most of the time ran through the forest, had the opportunity to look at the century-old trees. Driving through fields of villages: Draganovka, Great Hodachkov, Slobidka, tamping.

Impressions from the horse trek only positive was the ability to not just ride horses, but also to see the beauty of the natural environment, which is very often because everyday we can’t see. Despite the cloudy weather and rain, the group was pleased with the horse trek. On the contrary as the instructor explained to us, it is easier for the horses to walk on a cloudy day, because then there is no horse flies (insects that consume the blood of animals). Horse riding - a beautiful outdoor activities, so who wants new positive experiences, I recommend to take part in the horse walk.

(Author of the story - the participant of the campaign Ivanka)