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Menu in Daraba Camp

Rada Daraba — not just a place for active recreation. We have a delicious home cooking, but food orders should be made no later than 3-5 days, as the kitchen is pre-ordered. Details can be agreed with the manager. We always have a free hot drink, often herbal teas, which we collect in the mountains. In summer, there may be a cool drink, such as compote.

You can also order additional delicious grilled dishes from us (barbecue, grilled vegetables or mackerel, bograch, etc.)

налисники з сиром

Below is a sample of dishes that we usually cook of our choice. If you are a vegetarian or allergic to certain foods, it is important to report in advance and indicate which foods, our chef can take into account your needs. For vegetarians, replace meat with cheese, eggs, soybeans, extra vegetables.


  • omelette with vegetables (egg casserole)
  • cheese casserole with berries
  • banosh with cheese and cracklings
  • pasta navy
  • cottage cheese with fruits and nuts
  • scrambled eggs
  • rice casserole with vegetables


  • mushroom soup + rice with chicken thigh
  • borsch + potatoes with mushrooms
  • cheese soup + bulgur with pork goulash
  • pea soup + baked potatoes with meat and mushrooms
  • soup kharcho + buckwheat with pork goulash
  • broth with pasta + dumplings with cracklings and sour cream
  • soup with meatballs + dumplings

Snack in the mountains: egg, sandwich with cheese and sausage, tea in your thermos.

The table is always served with tea, cookies, salad or canned vegetables for main dishes, bread for first courses.

столова на Дарабі


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