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Camping and hiking equipment for rent

Camping equipment

Sleeping set (summer) Sleeping set includes sleeping bag and sleeping pad with a clean insert.
Sleeping bags Terra Incognita Campo. Warm and comfortable even in offseason.
Sleeping pad for thermal insulation.
sleeping padsleeping bag 60 + 25 UAH / day
Backpack Backpacks manufactured specifically for our rental.
Capacity is 80 litres. Weight - 2.5 kilo.
This model is simple, durable, and easy-to-use.
 backpack 60 UAH / da


Winter trekking equipment


Gaiters prevent from getting snow into boots, holding the leg tightly. We offer simple but durable model withot zippers and additional regulators (pay only for the number of days of actual using)

gaiters rental  35 uah/day
Water- and windproof gloves/mitten covers


Covers made of quite a thin water- and windproof material. They should be worn over ordinary mittens or gloves in order to keep them warm and dry. Also these covers prevent getting snow inside jacket sleeves. Use them in combination with inner mittens or gloves (pay only for the number of days of actual using)

 mitten/gloves covers  35 uah/day
Ski poles Ski poles, made of aluminum alloy, are of low weight and high durability (pay only for the number of days of actual using)   40 uah/day