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Summer rafting on the Dniester

Rafting on the Dniester is the journey to an exciting Dniester canyon, wildlife, cascading waterfalls, beautiful slopes and natural reserves.

Dniester is a beautiful river in Eastern Europe, the ancient Greeks called it Tyras and Italians named the river Dzhenester.  But, of course it is better to enjoy its beauty while having rafting on the Dniester. The river sources from the Ukrainian Carpathians, flows along the border of Ukraine and Moldova. Twisty river banks and slopes are covered with pine trees and dense shrubs. In the valleys it is possible to see a hare, a squirrel, a badger, and if we are lucky – a deer or a roe deer. Especially spectacular is Dniester in summer. Its shores, covered with green carpet of blooming gardens and crystal-clear water with plenty of fish attract tourists.

Tourclub Ternopil invites you to have an exciting adventure on the Dniester.

Rafting on the Dniester – a great fun and a bit of extreme

Rafting on these routes does not require special training and physical fitness, is perfect for both friends and family. Programs of the tours are designed for a different number of days and can be adjusted at the request of participants.

In each round there is a drive rafting on catamarans and rafts, swimming in the waterfalls, competitions, tours to the caves, castles and fortresses, sitting around the campfire, singing songs, playing games, buying souvenirs, horseback riding, ATV riding, picking berries and mushrooms.

Summer holidays with pleasure and benefit

For young rafters we offer a child’s rafting on the Dniester. The children are entertained by attentive teachers, experienced instructors and an animator. For children's tour we have chosen the safest and calmest area, the children receive a detailed instruction and are watched by qualified instructors. After a 5-day tour your kids will improve the technique of rowing, learn how to put up the tent, collect dry logs, make a fire, cook delicious porridge and, of course, play outdoors games. After such a busy vacation your city child becomes a real tourist!

Weekend on the Dniester

Find in your schedule a couple of days and join our tourist club. Rafting on the Dniester, hiking, tours to historical monuments, picnics and snacks on the lawn, we invite you to do these exciting things with us.

A rich vacation

For your choice there are several long-term tours of rafting on the Dniester.

Tour "5 days in a fairy tale" is a whole week without the city, asphalt or dust. Rafting on the Dniester starts at the river Zolota Lypa, the route passes through Dniester Canyon and up to its top. There we can see an old chapel, a grotto, travertine caves and waterfalls. After that we climb the Red Mountain and finish the journey in the town of Chortkiv.

"Dniester quartet" is a four- day rafting the distance about 90 km , during which we admire the beauty of the canyon, see castles and palaces in Koropets, Buchach and Chortkiv.

The longest tour is "A week in the canyon" which includes rafting, a walking tour along the canyon of river Dzhuryn , visiting Dzhuryn waterfall, and tours to the caves, ancient temples, forts and castles.

The salt of the rafting tour "To Khotyn for five days" is visiting Khotyn fortress built in the 13th century by Danylo Galytskyi. Rafting on the Dniester, starting in Zalischyky and ending in Khotyn, visiting Balamutiv cave, a trip to Kamyanets-Podilskyi and sightseeing will make the trip unforgettable.

And a tour "Long Dniester" will give you 11 days of impressive adventure. This is rafting on catamarans from Nyzhniv to Khotyn, swimming in the waterfalls, sunbathing, tour to the castle Rakivetskyi ruins and Khotyn fortress, walking to the grottoes and caves.