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Horse riding tours

Horse tours are the real holiday for those who like horses, beautiful scenery of forests, lakes and fields, as well as clean air, romance and drive!

Tourclub Ternopol proposes you to forget the chaos of the city traffic jams and everyday working days. Horseback riding tours is the pleasure of communication with a beautiful noble animals, new knowledge about the history and culture of Galich land, admiring the beautiful nature, as well as new friends and great mood.

Exciting horseback riding trips on the interesting routes

Do you already know how to ride a horse? Then you should go with us to a trip. And if you've never sat in the saddle, we still invite you to the tour!

  • Before the tour all the participants get a detailed briefing, beginning "cowboys" are trained. Qualified instructors will teach how to handle animals, how to sit down and stay in the saddle. You learn how to harness a horse and to take care of it. Each tour participants are accompanied by an experienced instructor.
  • All the horses involved in the campaigns, arecollected from rural farmers. Our animals are calm, hardy, accustomed to tourists.
  • Horseback riding is recommended for children. In such campaigns instructor leads a horse with a child "on the bit". For children the benefits of communication with horses is obvious - while riding all the body muscles work, the muscles alternately relax and strain, the animal passed its body temperature to the child, it normalizes muscle tone, improves blood circulation. Even the communication with the horse will bring tremendous joy to your child. Oh, what to say, when the kids feed the horse with some bread and sugar, comb out the mane and caress the foal.

The choise of horseback riding tours is diverse, one may change its route or duration if desired.

We invite you to horseback riding tour along the Seret with length of 50 km. The route passes through the picturesque gardens and forests, on the bank of the river Seret, along ponds and lakes. The tour program includes tours in Ternopil, the transition through the Romahova mountain and the Large Forest. In Mykulyntsi one may look at the Rei Counts Palace, go to the Polish cemetery where the Countess Rey is buried. Besides, the program include swimming, entertainment, meal, bath, the night in a tent or in the arcade. You'll not be bored!

For cold seasons the best vacation is horseback riding tour: Along the road. Get dressed warmly and move forward - to behold the beauty of rural courtyards, gardens and churches. Let's go through the forest trails, endless fields of wild pasture, in the Ostriv village you'll come to the healing spring and take some water. In the woods there're squirrels, roe deer and hares. During breaks we'll dissolve the fire, get warmed, laugh, fry potatoes and sausage. In the evening we are waiting for a hot bath-house, a delicious dinner of national dishes and billiards. You won't want to go back home!

Interesting options are a horseback riding tours on the New Year, the colorful and cheerful festivities will make the adventure unforgettable.

Horseback riding tours in the Carpathian Mountains in the summer are the great romantic: fragrant fields, grass, berries, mushrooms, swimming in lakes and walking. Berry season in the Carpathians lasts up to the first frosts. We may collect blueberries, cranberries, strawberries and wild rose. There're plenty of mushrooms in the Carpathians so that even a freshman may pick itself a lumped basket.

Forget the city "coach" rest while joining our Tourclub Ternopil! We promise you a good company, interesting vacation and lots of fun!