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Dnister country on bike

Price: 73 $
Duration: 3 days
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Dnister country on bike

The route lies near the Dniester (so, you'll always have an opportunity to swim) along the valeys of it's picturesque tributaries Seret, Dzhuryn and Tupa. There you can see ancient fortresses and castels, churches and monasteries, ancient grottos of hermit monks, the pagan temples, big waterfalls; to touch the life of ternopilian village, to overcome steep slopes and feel the thrill of descents.

To have a light backpack during the tour we'll stop for the night in a rural hut, eat at the cafe or just have a sandwich and tents with dishes we'll leave at home.  For groups of 10 persons tours are held at any convenient time.  

Physical training and tour difficulty

Include in the price
  • maintenence of instructor
  • food according to a programme (except the cafe)
  • night's lodging in a rural hut
Price not includes
  • food in the cafe
  • bike rent - 150 grn/day
Day 1

  • meeting at the railway station in Chortkiv at 3:00 (can arrive from Kyiv by train №357 Kyiv-Rakhiv. Departure from Kyiv at 14:40, arriving to Chortkiv at 1:17) 
  • gather all the bikes, get ready to the tour, overview a town (wooden churches, kostel, guildhall, fortress)
  • transfer to Buchach (asphalt 35km)
  • breakfast in a cafe
  • review of a town (guildhall, fortress, Vasylian monastery)
  • transfer to Rusyliv waterfalls (asphalt 20km, ground road 7km), swimming
  • lunch
  • transfer to  review of a monastery and a fortress
  • dinner

Day 2


  • breakfast
  • transfer to Lytyachi, review of a cave of hermit (asphal, ground road, 20km)
  • descent to the Shutromyntsi cavity (forest ground road, 6km)
  • lunch
  • transfer to Dzhuryn Waterfall (asphalt 7km, ground road, 8km), swiming, review a fortress and a catolic church
  • transfer to Ustechko (ground road 10km)
  • dinner


Day 3

  • brekfast
  • transfer to a valley of the river Tupa (asphalt, ground road, 20km)
  • transfer to Kasperivtsi (ground road, 12km), review a pagan temple, highrelief of Onufriy, an ancient church)
  • lunch
  • transfer to Zalishchyky (ground road, asphalt, 15km)
  • swimming in the Dniester
  • way back home (can go to Kyiv by train №358, Rakhiv - Kyiv, departure from Zalishchyku at 19:01, arriving to Kyiv at 6.18)

  1. Sleeping set (sleeping bag+sleeping pad) (Rent)
  2. Backpack main (Rent)
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