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Skitour on weekend: between the snow-covered spruces

Price: 87 $
Duration: 3 days
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Skitour on weekend: between the snow-covered spruces

Скітур в Карпатах - це нескладний виїзд для тих, хто впевнено їздить підготовленими трасами та хоче побачити незаймані зимові ліси Карпат, для досвідчених лижників, які хочуть відпочити від напруги крутих схилів та спокійно походити зимовим лісом. Будемо скітурити вверх спокійним темпом та акуратно спускатись, обираючи прості некруті спуски (наскільки це можливо).  Вам не доведеться витрачати час на розвідку маршрутів, постійно слідкувати за GPSом, думати про харчування, трансфер та інші побутові дрібниці. Досвідчений гід забезпечить цікаве та безпечне перебування в горах, а на базі вас чекатиме смачна вечеря, теплий душ та м'яке ліжко. А також гарячий чан за бажанням. 

Необхідна підготовка: впевнено їздити на підготовлених "чорних" схилах, гарна фізична підготовка, готовність падати та часом ходити пішки.  
Район катання:  як правило, це полонини та лісові стежки, де найбільша ймовірність наявності снігу,  відносно прості та некруті схили,  добре досліджені (знаємо різні варіанти підйомів та спусків), близько до Дараби (мінімум переїздів). Зимою тут майже ніхто не ходить, можна побачити багато звіриних слідів та насолодитись тишею і спокоєм гір. Але часом прийдеться перелазити повалені дерева, перестрибувати незамерзлі струмки, проходити пішки складні спуски, чи нести лижі коли бракуватиме снігу.
Також, на базі рафтинг табору Рада Дараба,  можна взяти спорядження для скітуру напрокат.

Відповіді на інші часті запитання можна подивитися у вкладці F.A.Q.


Include in the price
  • accommodation in hostel Rada Daraba
  • food  according to the program
  • accompanied by an instructor
  • transfer to Dzembronia and Bystrets
Price not includes
Time and meeting place for the tour

Meet at 9am in the camp Rada Daraba We can  arrange a transfer from Ivano-Frankivsk or Vorokhta

Day 1 - Warm-up to Kostrycha

  • breakfast 9:00
  • training exit to the Kostrych ridge for acquaintance, adjustment of equipment and determination of complexity of the following routes. Traditionally, the route begins with a stream in the village of Krasnyk, and ends between abandoned huts on the Globus Pass. From here you can take a long route through the Bolota meadow, or a short route through Kolyba near Hedia Mountain. From Kostrych there is a panoramic view of a large part of the Chornohora ridge, as well as Zaprutski Gorgany. You can get to the snow faster by going to Kryvopilsky Pass (1013 m) by bus (+400 UAH from the group)
  • lunch-snack
  • return to Daraba, dinner, overnight in warm rooms

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Day 3 - to Chornohora through the Chufrova Meadov

  • breakfast at 7.00
  • departure to Dzembronia by minibus

The route goes almost all the time through the forest, with a gradual increase in altitude. Later it reaches the Chufrov mountain meadow and continues among the picturesque thickets of alpine pine, jumping over deep ravines and streams that flow from Dzembroni, Vuhaty Kamen and Smotrych. If you are lucky with the weather and strength, you can climb Montenegro.

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Day 3 - circle: to the sources of Bystrets

  • early breakfast
  • departure to the village of Bystrets. We leave the minibus at an altitude of 850 meters and start skiing up the path to the mountain meadow Psarivka. On the meadow you can go to the hut, where cheesemakers spend the night in summer. Then we enter the forest and a smooth traverse go along the watershed of the Prut and Cheremosh rivers, which in some places reach an altitude of 1350 m. As a rule, this route is very snowy, even when you can see grass on other slopes.
  • sometimes you  have to carry skis and go down difficult descents on foot
  • lunch-snack on the way
  • return to base, dinner, departure home

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Time and place of ending the tour

Tour ending after dinner on Sunday

Clothes and boots:
  1. Boots for skitour/freeride (Rent)
  2. Water- and windproof gloves/mitten covers (Rent)
  3. Slippers for the house
  4. Light gloves
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Warm gloves
  7. Buff
  1. Skitourinf/freeriding skis (Rent)
  2. Ski poles (Rent)
  3. Small backpack
  4. Flashlight
  5. Staff for sitting (Rent)
  6. Thermos
  1. Hygienic lipstick
  2. Hygiene products: toothbrush, paste, towel
  3. Camera
  4. Personal first-aid kit
Freeride: how it is look like

We get as close as possible to the snow, go out into the skiing area, make a few descents on steep interesting slopes, return to camping.

What is the duration of the active part

The duration of the active part of the ski tours is determined by daylight. As a rule, breakfast at 7-8 am, immediately after it - going on the route, returning to base with the sunset. Everyone must have a headlamp (shit happens). The distance depends on the condition of the snow and the complexity of the routes: from 10 to 20 km.

Can the tour program change?

The program of the tour is indicative, as it strongly depends on the preparation and weather. Also, directly the line of ascent and descent is determined by the guide in the process of movement.

What to do in bad weather?

Skiing directly depends on the weather and the presence of snow. In bad weather (strong wind, snowfall), we usually do not climb high routes, and change them to simple, in the forest area. In exceptional cases, we stay at home altogether. The cost of the tour does not decrease due to weather changes.

What training is required to participate in a freeride tour?

Freeride tour routes are quite difficult. Their safe conduct requires some physical and technical training. A skier must: - be able to confidently overcome steep unprepared slopes in different snow conditions, - have appropriate clothing and equipment, fit, in good condition, - be familiar with the basics of avalanche safety, have an avalanche set (can be rented). The guide may not allow participants who do not meet these criteria. If in doubt, it is best to consult an instructor in advance by phone.

Skitour: how it is looks like

Skitour is a ski trip, usually on snowy trails or roads. The descents are not very steep. Sometimes skis need to be carried if there is not enough snow or the descent / ascent is too steep / difficult.

What training is required to participate in a skitour

The participant must be in good physical shape, be able to ski well on the prepared slopes, as well as be prepared for falls, especially in the beginning. It is also necessary to have appropriate winter clothes for skitour, serviceable equipment and shoes (a set of skis for skitour can be rented from us). The guide may not allow participants who do not meet these criteria. If in doubt - it is better to consult with an instructor in advance by phone.