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Bike tours

There you can see ancient fortresses and castles, churches and monasteries, grottoes of hermit monks, pagan temples, large waterfalls; touch the lives of ternopilian village, overcome steep rises and feel the thrill of fast descents. During the trip you can drink enough various mineral waters from famous sources, see ancient kliff fortresses in Bubnyshche and Urych, observe the work of oil rigs in Shidnytsya and Boryslav.   

Dnister country on bike

The route lies near the Dniester (so, you'll always have an opportunity to swim) along the valeys of it's picturesque tributaries Seret, Dzhuryn and Tupa. There you can see ancient fortresses and castels, churches and monasteries, ancient grottos of hermit monks, the pagan temples, big waterfalls; to touch the life of ternopilian village, to overcome steep slopes and feel the thrill of descents.

To have a light backpack during the tour we'll stop for the night in a rural hut, eat at the cafe or just have a sandwich and tents with dishes we'll leave at home.  For groups of 10 persons tours are held at any convenient time.  

Physical training and tour difficulty

duration: 3 days
price: 95 usd

Biketour Tustan'

A trip on low, but interesting part of Carpathians - Skole Cliffs. During the tour will be an opportunity to drink plenty of various mineral waters from amous sources, to see ancient cliff fortresses in Bubnyshche and Urych, to observr the work of oil rigs in Shidnytsia and Boryslav.

Physical training and tour difficulty

duration: 2 days
price: 79 usd

Gutsul ride

Travelling at the Carpathians by bike you will immerse into the atmosphere of picturesque mountains, where the magic nature is waiting for you, fresh Carpathian air revitalizes the feelings and heals the body, marvelous landscapes, mountain rivers and forests, scenic places of the western Ukraine, gutsuls hospitable culture. Romance and bright emotions are waiting for you during the bike tour in the Carpathians.

The bike tour includes the accommodation in the comfortable wooden cottage, delicious ukrainian home cuisine which are the main components of a wonderful recreation. Interesting routes of the tour across the mountain footpaths and ranges will unfold for you the most picturesque places, acquaint with the sights of architecture and help to unwind and relax from the drabness and routine of urban life. Enjoy the vivid recreation together with us in the bike tours in the Carpathians. Residence in a two-stored cottage, 4 persons in the floor, with the possibility to move to a double-bed rooms for a small extra charge.

Pay attention, that the tours start every weekend, so, you may for sure choose the most convenient date. There's an option of shortening the tour and joining for fewer days( it could be 2-7 days). It costs 500grn/day.

duration: 5 days
price: 150 usd

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