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Skiing in Erciyes (Turkey)

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Duration: 6 days
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Skiing in Erciyes (Turkey)

Let’s try to explore with upholders a new ski resort in Turkey.

We are going to real winter for five days, five days skiing in the high mountains on the snowy slopes of the ski resort Erciyes. Area skiing is located at an altitude of 3000 meters, so you can ride 5 months in a year (from November till April). More than 20 slopes of varying difficulty with a total length of 50 km, 14 modern lifts, including cable cars, rental equipment. Ski resort Erciyes will bring all conditions for high speed descent, snowboarding and freeriding.

The price of skipass is not growing during the period of holidays. We are going to the tour on the last days of December and New Year we will meet on skiing.

The cost of the tour ~ 150 €

Details about the rest of the costs

All tours to Turkey

Include in the price
  • living in the hotel
  • instructor's work
Price not includes
  • air flight
  • nutrition
  • local transitions in the resort
  • ski pass
  • equipment rental
Day 1

  • Departure from Ukraine. Meeting the group at the airport in Kayseri at 11:00 pm. (recommended flight of airline Pegasus is Kharkiv-Kayseri). Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 2-6

  • Rest in the ski resort Erciyes: skiing and snowboarding.
  • During those five days we are eating independently. The resort has many catering facilities that offers local or European dishes. That’s why you can easily find locality for tasty and not very expensive meal. 
  • We will get acquainted with the infrastructure of the resort and buy souvenirs for memory in free from skiing time to diversify and supplement active recreation. You will have opportunity to look at the old city neighborhoods, mosques and madrassas with a history of several centuries, the Byzantine castle building, colorful local markets.
  • In the request of the group it is possible for one day to organize an excursion to Cappadocia.
  • in the 6-day evening moving to the airport, flight to home (recommended flight of airline Pegasus is Kayseri-Kharkiv).

Format of the tour

The trip takes place in the form of tour-adventure. We undertake searching and booking accommodation, provide information and decide small organizational issues. You only have to purchase tickets, and consider about catering.

Air flight

Turkish Airlines Pegasus and Atlasjet offer attractive fares for flights from Ukraine to Turkey. Combined flight from Kharkiv to Kayseri with transplant in Istanbul is approximately cost 4000 UAH, from Lviv or Kyiv - 4900 - 5500 UAH.


It is necessary to focus on the following costs:

  • flight from Kharkiv ~ 145 €, from Lviv/Kyiv ~ 175-195 €
  • ski pass - 15 €/per day
  • hotel accommodation ~ 150 € / 6 nights (if the residence period will be differ from the specified, the cost will be different)
  • nutrition ~ 5-7 € / one meal
  • transportation or equipment rental
  • local transfer at the resort about 10 € / day
  • insurance that covers the skiing ~ 10 UAH / day
  • N.B. The list and the amount of these costs are estimated approximately, so actual amounts may vary.

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