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Hiking in Carpathians

Trekking in the Carpathians - is the second most popular kind of active recreation in the Western Ukraine. Different seasons suits different tours considering weather conditions. In summer time we offer longer trekking tours, from 3 to 10 days. Those tours provide overnights in tents. In spring and autumn, when there is not much spare time, the best variant would be short tour for 2 days. In winter we invite you to join Winter tours, that provide climbing to the snowy summits and accomodation in warm cottage with hot shower and sauna. If you prefer harsher conditions - join hiking on skies.

Summer hiking in the Carpathians (sport)

trekking in the carpathians

Sports series includes traditional trekking tours in the Ukrainian Carpathians with backpacks, accommodation in tents, cooking on campfire. These tours take place in summer when Carpathian highlands are getting free from snow. Depending on duration and complexity of the route summer tours demand middle and high level of durability.


  • respite from civilization;
  • moderate physical activities;
  • extraordinary landscapes of the Ukrainian Carpathians;
  • blueberries, mushrooms, hutsul milk and cheese (budz, vurda, bryndza);
  • pleasant company and new friends.

For those who are planning to participate in trekking tours in the Ukrainian Carpathians we recommend to read articles-advisesfrom our leading instructor Volodymyr: “Trekking in the Carpathians: where, when and for whom” and “Duration of Carpathian tours”.

Trekking in the Carpathians: Carpathian marathon

Marathon includes two most interesting parts of the Carpathians: Gorgany with their stone placers and ancient forests and Chornohora with its strict peaks, spacious meadows and mountain lakes. And even more, these 10 days in the mountains is nothing else but test for your character, will and shoes. Apart from adventures, you will have enough time to communicate, laugh with jokes and share stories round a flaming bonfire. Such kind of trips is the best opportunity to find real friends.

duration: 10 days
price: 146 usd

Trekking in the Carpathians: Along a non-existent border

Dense ancient forests, topless trees, gray patches of bark on the mighty trunks, soft carpets of moss, bulk of stone blocks on the mountain peaks, spacious mountain valleys, lost in space and time. All these you can find in the wildest region of the Carpathians, that's Gorgany region. During the journey you will be constantly accompanied by metes of Polish-Czechoslovak border and remains of World Wars fortifications. In addition you will get the access to a traditional set of wild berries, mushrooms and dairy products.

NB Information about physical training and tour difficulty you can find here

duration: 7 days
price: 110 usd

Trekking in the Carpathians: Along a non-existent border +

Перевтільтесь на хвильку у прикордонника часів І та ІІ світової війни, пройшовши вздовж стовпчиків колишнього польсько-чехословацького кордону у найдрімучішому районі Карпат - районі Горгани. На додачу Вас чекає підкорення найвищої вершини масиву - г. Сивуля (1836 м). Дикі прадавні ліси, кремезні дерева-свідки давніх подій, м'який моховий килим під ногами та кам'янсті розсипи на вершинах, все загубилось у просторі і часі, та чекає свого мандрівника. Приємними бонусами, як завжди, залишаються дикі ягоди, гриби та гуцульські сири. 

Часті питання про піші походи

NB Інформацію про фізичну підготовку та складність турів можна знайти тут

duration: 8 days
price: 125 usd

Trekking in the Carpathians: Conquering the highest peaks

The Chornohora Range is the most popular hiking route and the highest range of the Ukrainian Carpathians. It includes all two-thousanders of Ukraine. Here you can find only “mosts”: the highest mountains, most high-altitude lake, strongest wind, most durable snow, most high-altitude buildings in Ukraine, most delicious dinner and warmest smile of the sun...

During the trip you will see:

  • rocky Petros, slender Goverla and White Elephant (ruins of the observatory on the Pip Ivan Chornohirskyi, 2028 m);

  • beautiful Carpathian landscapes;

  • most high-altitude lakes of Ukraine with clear cool water (Brebeneskul and Nesamovyte);

  • columns of Czechoslovak-Polish border;

  • remains of the First World War fortifications;

  • rocky outputs of the following mountains: Petros, Shpytsi, Kizly, Vuhatyi Kamin and Smotrych;

  • waterfall under Mount Smotrych, rapids on the Black Cheremosh;

  • hutsul huts and mountain valley household.

In July – August hikers have an opportunity to enjoy blueberries and raspberries. Hutsuls will sale you Carpathian milk, cheese, vurda or budz.
Physical training and tour difficulty

duration: 6 days
price: 94 usd

Buffaloes' paths in the Carpathians

Svydovets is the second highest mountain ridge in the Ukrainian Carpathians. It is also called the most picturesque corner of the Carpathians or the Ukrainian Alps. Strong winds are frequent visitors here, so Svydovets range is completely bald. It's a great highlight, cause the sun sets and the dawns are amazing. Hutsuls have been grazing cows and sheep for a long time, and since 2016 the German Michel Jacobi has flocked her own buffalo for summer. If you are lucky here you can try the buffalo curd and milk and take pictures with exotic animals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walking
About physical training and complexity of tours

Frequently asked questions about trekking tours
About physical training and complexity of tours

duration: 3 days
price: 54 usd

Girls' Tour: In Search of crocuses

Trekking route in the Carpathians ia specially chosen for all ladies. A sense of pride by overpassing the kilometers to the highest mountain lake in Ukraine - Nesamovyte Lake, whether rocky exits to Shpytsi MountVuhatyi Kamin' MountainBrebeneskul and Smotrych will overwhelm you. Carpathian endlessly fascinating scenery, amazing sunsets and sunrises you will keep long in the memory. We will destroy the stereotype that hiking in the mountains is only accessible for strong men.

And also we will prove that the girls in the mountains - are absolutely natural, extremely beautiful and incredibly romantic.

Physical training and tour difficulty

Маршрут походу по Карпатах підібраний спеціально для всіх представниць прекрасної статі. Відчуття гордості за пройдені кілометри до найвисокогірніших озер України - Бребенескул та Несамовите, чи скельні виходи на гори Шпиці, Вухатий Камінь і Смотрич вас будуть переповнювати. Безкінечні захопливі карпатські краєвиди, дивовижні заходи сонця і світанки надовго закарбуються у пам'яті. Ми зруйнуємо стереотип, що походи в гори доступні лише кремезним чоловікам.
А також доведемо, що дівчата в горах - абсолютно природньо, надзвичайно красиво і невимовно романтично.
duration: 3 days
price: 75 usd

Operation "Maramorosh"

Attention! To participate in this tour every participant should be registered at frontier point beforehand.
Therefore, in term of weeks before the tour we close receiving of the applications.

Marmorosy... until recently a real Terra Incognita, closed area for visiting tourists, since Ukraine-Romania border stretches there. This is precisely why you can see there so many animals' traces in winter and so few tourists in summer.
Another name of this district is Marmorosy Alps and it speaks for itself. If you want to get into the high mountains with steep rocky slopes no better place you could find than Marmorosy, land of rocks and mountain valleys. What you will see is Caucasus scenery with Carpathian colouring. Marmorosy Pip Ivan (1937 m) and Chornohora Pip Ivan (2028 m), raisins of the route, will charm you with their rocky splendour and wild beauty. Columns of Ukraine-Romania border will accompany you along the route. White Elephant ruins (Polish observatory) on the peak of Chornohora 2-thousander will impress you with its stone calmness.

Про фізичну підготовку та складність турів

duration: 5 days
price: 85 usd

Trekking in the Carpathians: To the land of mountain lakes

Svydovets is the land of mountain lakes and alpine meadows. Hutsuls with Carpathian sheep dogs have pastured sheep and cows for centuries on the mountains covered with lush grass. Maybe, you can even milk a cow and taste new clean milk. There certainly won’t be a deficit of water for swimming on the Carpathian highlands.
Moderate physical activity, clean mountain air, sun, swimming in mountain lakes and sun bathing is almost as on the sea beach but 1800 meters above.

This route becomes comfortable for trekking after June, 1st. Deep snow may lay on the route during May holidays. The snow availability may be checked on the online cameras of Dragobrat resort
Physical training and tour difficulty.

duration: 4 days
price: 60 usd


Kukul and Kostrycha Ranges open incredible views on the highest peaks of the Carpathians. Standing there you can admire the sloping terrain of Svydovets and stone placers of Gorgany, severe Chornohora with its rocky giants and slim shapes of Bukovyna mountains. Hutsuls are still engaged in stockbreeding, so you can expect some milk treat. Hiking along Kukul Range you will be constantly accompanied by metes of Polish-Czechoslovak border, sometimes you can see cartridge cases or other remains of World War I.
Moderate heights of these ranges allow start hiking as early as in May, when on the higher ranges deep snow still remains, and the presence of mountain huts provides comfortable evenings even in severe off-season time.

duration: 4 days
price: 68 usd

Stone giant

You are pressed for time, but thirst for adventures and new experience is overwhelming as usual?
Then this route is especially for you:

  • mineral springs in Kvasy amazing by its taste and natural gases content;
  • Zakarpattya beech forests charm every traveller;
  • steep and picturesque slopes of Sheshul, Pavlyk and Rogneska;
  • mighty and proud Petros (2020 m), a stone giant that locks the Chornohora range from the west;
  • magic Chornohora mountain meadows where an ancient craft of shepherds is still alive.

So go ahead! Fresh impressions are waiting for you! Visit Stone giant!

duration: 3 days
price: 46 usd

Treking in the Carpathians: the Gadzhyna tract + rafting on Cheremosh river

Treking on the Chornohora mountains through the Gadzhyna tract and Kedruvaty Pogorilets - is one of the little known routs in Chornohora. You will climb by an old, overgrown trail, where you can meet just local hunters and mushroom pickers. In the deep Chornohoras' forest you can see lawns, where roe deers are grazing, to walk in the footsteps of a boar or a wolf. On the Gadzhuna meadow you can gather a lot of blueberries, drink fresh milk and taste cheese. Swimming in the highest mountain lake of Ukraine - Brebeneskul - will charge your forces for the next day. If desired, you can walk to an old highland observatory on the Pip Ivan mount. Descend by gentle serpentine through the carpathian stonehenge - Vuhaty Kamin' (Eared Stone)

Physical training and tour difficulty

duration: 4 days
price: 97 usd

3-day Gorgan

Short but active route within Gorgany massif, the wildest area of the Ukrainian Carpathians. It takes three days in Gorgany to forget about city noise and fuss. You will be surrounded by nothing else but marvellous landscapes, high mountains, and primeval forests.

What adds a ginger flavour to the tour is:

  • Legions Pass with its dramatic and heroic history and remnants of defensive line of I world war;

  • stone fields and alpine pine thickets on the mountain ranges Tavpishyrka and Syvulya;

  • Syvulya Mountain (1836 m), the highest peak of Gorgany massif;

  • sources of the river Bystrytsya Nadvirnyanska located on the mountain valley of Ruschyna;

  • herds of horses resembling wild mustangs that graze on the Carpathian mountain valleys.

duration: 3 days
price: 60 usd

Cheops Pyramid

Two days, one night and a full bag of impressions behind. Just during the weekend you can plunge into the world of wildlife. You will climb Mount Homyak (means "hamster"), which resembles Cheops Pyramid by its form. Picturesque scenery of all the Carpathians, stone placers on the slopes of the mountains called "gorgany", tinkling Zhenets Waterfall, overnight in a tent and evening bonfire in a mountain valley of Mount Homyak will remain unforgettable experience regardless of such a short period of time.

Physical training and tour difficulty

duration: 2 days
price: 41 usd

Stone town

Only two days and you will be fully immersed into a wild world. Carpathian peaks, remnants of rocky settlements with fortifications, caves, and rock paintings, tinkling waterfalls and scenic streams, mystical Dead Lake and Witch Rock, overnight in a tent and evening bonfire will remain unforgettable impressions regardless of such a short period of time.

Physical training and tour difficulty

duration: 2 days
price: 38 usd

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