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Rafting on the Zbruch river

Zbruch - flowing river on the border of Ternopil and Khmelnytsky regions, the nature of the raftinf is similar to the Dniester rafting. Zbruch is several times narrower than Dniester, there are small water obstacles on the route. The river is relevant for rafting all summer.

Zbruch River rafting tour to Khotyn, 4 days

The Zbruch is a small river surrounded by wooded riversides which form the valley of a canyon type. The river is characterized by a brisk stream with several rifts. The Zbruch from ancient times was a natural border of countries and empires; a great number of battles took place there silent witnesses of which were mighty fortresses in Chornokyzyntsi and Kudryntsi. After a narrowness of the Zbruch you will be strongly impressed by a spacious distances of a high water Dniester. The final and most beautiful chord of the tour is a majestic Khotyn fortress walls of which for 60 m tower over the river.

duration: 4 days
price: 112 usd

Rafting on the Zbruch river, 3 days

A journey for three days be narow, but fast river Zbruch. The plain character of the river makes it a perfect place for the recreation for the whole family, and some interesting and not difficult obstacles makes floating more dynamic. It suits for the fans of calmness - endless banks of the river is covered with green thickets and presence of settlements is demonstrated only by gardens.  Those places are godsends for fishermen, and for the admirers of history - as the ruins of ancient fortifications is scattered on the banks.

duration: 3 days
price: 92 usd

Rafting on Zbruch River 2 day

Floating on Zbruch river is attractive first of all with it's wild places - the river is not very popular among tourist yet. The river is generally plain, but has a dynamic floating, a lot of bends, thresholds and rapids. Through the green thickets glances the banks of deep canyon. For the log period of time Zbruch was a border between countries and empires, thats why a lot of ruined forifications are located on it's banks. We start our journey near the castle in Kudryntsi and finish it by side of fortifications in Okopy and Zhvanets.

duration: 2 days
price: 74 usd

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