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Tours on Independence Day 2018

Independence Day tours 2018 with the Tourclub are drive and extreme from rafting in the Carpathians, sunbathing and swimming on the Dniester, a soft carpet of fragrant herbage while hiking in the Carpathians. We invite both lovers of extreme and calm meditation, as well as those who have not yet decided which group to join, regardless of age and gender, to celebrate the Independence Day in the majestic nature of the Carpathians or on the banks of the Dniester. We guarantee delicious food, an active day program and a pleasant evening fatigue. You can choose a tour from the following directions:

Hiking in the Carpathians:
August Carpathians are especially good: the yellow grass burned in the sun, the smell of hay and blue sky over the boundless mountains of the mountains. During several weekends you can go on a 3-5 day hike by Borzhava, Kukul-Kostrich or Gorgany ranges. Each area is unique and has its own raisins.

Hiking in the Carpathians

The Carpathians are especially beautiful in August: the yellow grass burned in the sun, the smell of hay and blue sky over the boundless horizon of the mountains. During several weekends you can go on a 3-5 day hiking tour in the Carpathians along Borzhava, Kukul-Kostrycha or Gorgany ranges. Each area is unique and has its own peculiarities. The Borzhava's route is fairly light, without steep climbs or descents. It will suit even beginners. And there are a lot of blueberries in August. Kukul Mountain Range is near Chornogora and Gorgans, so the scenery is fantastic there. The climb is light, the whole campaign will take one or two days and all the same - alon Kostrycha's ridge. In summer you can buy delicious budz and brine at shepards'. Mysterious Gorgans are covered with sharp boulders and yellow moss, there are pine and beech forests. This variant of the campaign is a little more complicated, because it is not easy to go over the foamed moss.

Operation "Maramorosh"

5 days 2660 UAH

23-27th of August 

Gorgan Citadel 4 days 2480 UAH 24-27th of August 
Girls' tour to the Carpathians 3 days 2330 UAH 24-26th of August 

Rafting on the Black Cheremosh

You do not need go too far to get a dose of adrenaline - rafting on the Black Cheremosh in Ivano-Frankivsk region will be remembered for a long time. It is possible to come for a one short rafting, as well as for 3-4 day rafting tour for a complete rest. We promise: a stormy mountain river, high rapids, "barrels", and one-day hiking to Pip Ivan and Grinyavsky valleys. An experienced instructor will teach you to dress the wetsuit properly, swim in a raft, a kayak or a catamaran.

Five days on the Black Cheremosh

days 3150 UAH

22-26th of August 

Carpathian cream days 2700 UAH 23-26th of August 
Rafting+trekking: Hoverla+Cheremosh days 2390 UAH 24-26th of August 
Rafting on the Cheremosh River: Hutsul adrenaline days 1520 UAH 25-26th of August 

Rafting on the Dniester and the Southern Bug

The water season is coming to the end, because a cold autumn is coming soon. You have a few more days to enjoy the warm milk like water of the Dniester. Both adults and children will enjoy family trip on catamarans. Besides that, you can tan and fish well there. If you have already been to the Dniester and strive for a little bit extreme, you will definitely adore rafting in the Granite canyon of the Southern Buh. The small thresholds of the Southern Bug will diversify the calm flow, and excursions to the monuments of garden architecture and rocks will be interesting.

 Five days to Khotyn days 3125 UAH 22-26th of August 
Dniester quartet days 2875 UAH 23-26th of August 
In the land of fortresses and waterfalls days 2290 UAH 24-26th of August 
Three days on the Southern Buh days 2350 UAH 24-26th of August 

Don't wait to arrange your holidays at the end of the summer, because there are long cold autumn and winter months ahead.


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