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Tours on Constitution Day 2018

It is necessary to use every weekend for rest as much as possible. The Constitution Day is a wonderful holiday, which you can spend active and memorably. We offer you to run away from everyday affairs and organize an interesting journey on the river or in the mountains. Our Constitution Day tours 2018 come in handy for you.

Alliances on the Dniester
If you are dreaming of a calm yet interesting vacation, try to rally on the plain Dniester River. Alliances on the Dniester are noted for the fact that here you do not need to have special physical training. If you have never floated - Tours on the Constitution Day on the Dniester are ideal for the first holiday on the river with an oar.

Rafting on the Dniester

If you are dreaming about a calm, but interesting vacation, try flat river rafting on the Dniester River. You do not need to have special physical training for rafting on the Dniester. If you have never tried rafting - Constitution Day tours on the Dniester will be a perfect choice for the first holiday with an oar on the river. We offer several interesting water routes with excursions to the castles, fortresses, nature parks and waterfalls. You will see a combination of scenic views, deserted shores and interesting places in the next few days. Do not miss the evening entertainment and spending time with friends near the fire. Dishes cooked in the open air also will be remembered for a long time.

Rafting on the Black Cheremosh and the Southern Buh

If a relaxing holiday is not suitable and you want to get a thrill - try rafting on the Black Cheremosh. This is an extreme form of water tourism that gives you emotions for a few days. Rafting tours start from our camp in Nyzhnya Dzembronya. There are five main rapids in the tour program: Dzembronya, Guk, Guchok, White Mare, Grandfather's Elbow. Everyone will be able to master the elementss of rowing on catamarans, rafts and kayaks with the help of our experienced instructors. Numerous waterfalls and rapids will  fulfill you with an explosion of bright emotions. An unforgettable night's rest in tents, a delicious cuisine and a hot Carpathian sauna are a nice bonus to the program.

One should also try rafting on the Southern Buh. This is an ideal option for people who are not yet ready to raft on the stormy mountain rivers, but also want to feel the drive. Rafting on the Southern Buh is more dynamic than on the Dniester River. Occasionally there are rapids, but mostly the flow of the river is calm, so everyone will be able to bathe. Quiet stream and stormy rapids, the picturesque banks of granite Buh canyon create a special atmosphere.

Hiking in the Carpathians

Trekking tours in the Carpathians are perfectly combine active holidays with the rest for the soul. If you are tired of everyday affairs and city hustle-and- bustle, a trip in the Carpathians will help you to discharge and relieve tension. While hiking you can test your endurance, and at the same time observe the wonders of nature - fabulous landscapes of mountains and rocks, blue sky, the Carpathian mountain valleys and Hutsul kolybas. Each mountain range of the Carpathians has something special and unique. Therefore, any route you choose will give you a lot of impressions.

We advise not to forget that a good rest is better planned in advance. Train tickets should be boughy beforehand on holidays. Choose Constitution Day tours and you will remember the evening near the fire in the company of fun people, unforgettable views of the Carpathians and the view of the rapid mountain river for a long time.


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