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Treking in the Carpathians: the Gadzhyna tract + rafting on Cheremosh river

Treking on the Chornohora mountains through the Gadzhyna tract and Kedruvaty Pogorilets - is one of the little known routs in Chornohora. You will climb by an old, overgrown trail, where you can meet just local hunters and mushroom pickers. In the deep Chornohoras' forest you can see lawns, where roe deers are grazing, to walk in the footsteps of a boar or a wolf. On the Gadzhuna meadow you can gather a lot of blueberries, drink fresh milk and taste cheese. Swimming in the highest mountain lake of Ukraine - Brebeneskul - will charge your forces for the next day. If desired, you can walk to an old highland observatory on the Pip Ivan mount. Descend by gentle serpentine through the carpathian stonehenge - Vuhaty Kamin' (Eared Stone)

Physical training and tour difficulty

Next planned: 27 apr
Duration: 4 days
Price: 122 usd
Length: 46 km

rafting camp - m. Stepansky (1121) - m. Kosaryshche (1148) - r. Bystrets - Mree stream - Gadzhuna tract - Kedruvaty Pogorilets ridge -lake Brebeneskul (1801) - m. Brebeneskul (2035) - m. Munchel (1998) - slopes of m. Smotrych - m. Pip Ivan -  m. Vyhaty Kamin - rafting camp

Price includes:
Additional payments required:
Tour scenario:


Day 1

  • meeting at the railway station of Vorokhta. How to get to the tour?
  • transfer to the rafting camp "Tourclub " at the Black Cheremosh banks
  • meeting with the chief instructor at the rafting camp
  • breakfast
  • safety trainning, preparations for rafting 
  • rafting (13 km) passing all the main rapids of the Black Cheremosh river  (Dzembronia, Oldmans' Elbow, White Mare, Guchok, Guk). After the float transfer back to the camp by bus. (Total duration about 2,5 hours) 
  • dinner
  • rafting (13 km) passing all the main rapids of the Black Cheremosh river  (Dzembronia, Oldmans' Elbow, White Mare, Guchok, Guk).  After the float transfer back to the camp by bus. (Total duration about 2,5 hours). Instead of rafting you may also walk to the Gryniavas' meadows (3 hours): mauntain Krynta (1350 м) and Zmiinska (1356 м). Treking of average difficulty. From the top you'll see a picturesque view on the highest ukrainian mountain ridge Chornohora, if the weather is fine, you may even see the ruins of an old Polish Observatory on the Pip Ivan mount.
  • supper
  • overnight at the camp

Day 2

  • breakfast
  • you may leave some stuff in the camp not to carry a heavy backpack.  
  • rising begins with a mountain ridge Stepansky - Kosaryshche, it is the watershed between the rivers Bystrets and Dzembronia. Here, at an altitude of 1000 meters, lives gutsuls, there is an old hut and some things from the Polish Observatory (a mirror and a clock). Nearby settled a Polish man Kuba, who enjoys local mountains.  
  • dinner-snack by the way
  • from the Kosaryshche we'll descend a little to the Bystrets village and then continue rising by the forest roads to the Gadzhyna meadow. We'll see a ruin of touristic shelter. A wide road will lead us straight to the Gadzhyna meadow and the purest and the coldest Mree stream.  During the whole summer gutsuls graze cattle there, make their traditional cheeses, gather berries. And there we'll stay for the night. You may also try to gather mushrooms
  • supper
  • overnight at the camp

Day 3

  • breakfast, packing the camp
  • continue rising though the dense forests of Kedruvaty Pogorilets. It is a rarely visited ridge, once on its slopes a ukrainian hero Oleksa Dovbush was hidding. There're Dovbush' wells, Dovbushs' seat, somewhere in these thickets near a big stone under the firs crown the treasure of Dovbush are buried.  
  • dinner-snack by the way
  • coming out of the forest through the thickets of Alpine pine, we go to the Chornohora ridge near the mount Brebeneskul. It's nearby the Brebeneskul lake - the highest mountain lake in Ukraine with pure and cold water. Few more hours of walking along the mountains Menchul, Dzembronia and we get to the camping place on the Smotrych slopes overviewing m. Pip Ivan. The highland camp is located near the shelter ruins, that once protected travellers and bagages by the way to the Observatory along the Pogorilets river. If the time and energy is still enough, we can walk to the Observatory or we can delay it for the next day. A lot of articles are written about it, and even fiction books. Nowadays the restoration is ongoing, and we hope, that soon there will be a museum or a touristic shelter or something like that.    
  • supper
  • overnight at the camp

Day 4

  • breakfast, packing the camp
  • the final part of the rout goes through the picturesque mount Vuhaty Kamin' (Eared Stone), on the top and on the slopes huge boulders are piled. There are also small tectonic caves on its spoles. Before entering the shady forest, we'll have a chance to make a photo with a waterfall on the background, to eat fresh raspberries and blueberries. In an hour, we'll get again to the farm, where we can buy budz, vurdu (traditional gutsul cheeses) and milk. If we're lucky, we may see the process of making gutsul cheese that is not changing for hundreds of years. Budz can be stored for several days (without a refrigerator) or several weeks (in the refrigerator). The price for cheese is about 70 UAH/kg
  • dinner-snack by the way
  • passage back to the rafting camp, ending of the tour, departure from the rafting camp
  • transfer to Vorokhta
  • going home. How to get back home?


Children on Cheremosh! Participation in Rafting in the Carpathians eligible people aged 18. The decision of participation of children aged 14 to 18 is  taking by instructor. Children under 14 to participate in rafting on a mountain river are not allowed.

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