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Buffaloes' paths in the Carpathians

Svydovets is the second highest mountain ridge in the Ukrainian Carpathians. It is also called the most picturesque corner of the Carpathians or the Ukrainian Alps. Strong winds are frequent visitors here, so Svydovets range is completely bald. It's a great highlight, cause the sun sets and the dawns are amazing. Hutsuls have been grazing cows and sheep for a long time, and since 2016 the German Michel Jacobi has flocked her own buffalo for summer. If you are lucky here you can try the buffalo curd and milk and take pictures with exotic animals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walking
About physical training and complexity of tours

Frequently asked questions about trekking tours
About physical training and complexity of tours

seasonality: may - sep
Duration: 3 days
Price: 68 usd
Length: 30 km


Kvasy Village - Brayilka Meadow (1534 m) - Blyznytsi Mount (1833 m) Pereslip Meadow (1452 m) - Old Mount (1472 m) - Kvasy Village

Price includes:
  • guide service

  • catering according to the tour programme

  • tents and general equipment rental

  • insurance

Additional payments required:
Tour scenario:

1 Кваси - пол. Браїлка (8 км)
2. пол. Браїлка - г. Близниці - пол.Пересліп (12 км)
3. пол.Пересліп - Кваси (10 км)

day 1

  • hiking route: Kvasy Village - Brayilka Meadow (1534 m), 9 km

  • lunch-snack

  • encamping and dinner

day 2

  • breakfast

  • hiking route: Brayilka Meadow - Blyznytsi Mount (1833 m) Pereslip Meadow (1452 m) - typically in the meadow Michael Jacobi graze their buffaloes. You will have the opportunity to taste buffalo curd, to see on your own eyes rare animal - the Carpathian Buffalo, 12 km

  • lunch-snack

  • encamping and dinner

day 3

  • breakfast

  • hiking route:  Pereslip Meadow (1452 m) - Old Mount (1472 m) - Kvasy Village, 10 km

  • lunch-snack during the route

  • comeback home. How to get back home?

!!! The organizers reserve the right to
make changes in the program according to the circumstances!!!

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