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Excursions to Ukraine

 photo by Serhiy Klimenko

Western Ukraine is favourably endowed with ancient monuments of architecture and picturesque natural places of interest. Ukraine will surprise you with multitude of Gothic churches, mighty fortresses, exquisite castles and palaces. Interesting objects are placed quite compactly making the trip rich and dynamic. Geographically the tour area can be divided into two parts: north and south of Ternopil region. The first part includes the following places: Zbarazh castle, Pochaiv Lavra, Zolochiv palace, Olesko castle, Pidhirtsi castle and others. The southern circle contains Buchach fortress, Yazlivets convent, ruins of castles and fortresses in Skala-Podilska, Terebovlya, Mykulyntsi, Kudryntsi and other villages. Gems of the routes are Khotyn and Kamyanets-Podilsky.

Excursion "Medieval Halychyna"

The route passes the northern part of Ternopil region and north-eastern part of Lviv region. Within the area you can see well preserved historical monuments, such as castle museums in Zbarazh, Zolochiv and Olesko; Pidhirtsi and Vyshnivets palaces; ruins of Kremenets fortress, also Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, the best known sanctuary of Western Ukraine.

duration: 2 days
price: 40 usd

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